No ImageBraised BBQ Beef Sandwich

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  1. Jenny K.

    Thanks for the recipe! Turned out great. I used a 1.5 lbs roast and cooked for 2.25 hours. Beef was tender and flavorful.

  2. Rose

    I like to cook for large amounts of people and would like to make it for about 80 to 100. How much meT do I need?

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  3. Stephanie

    This was so good! The meat just fell apart and as so flavorful. It also halved really well, since my roast was only 1 1/2 pounds. I did add a hatch style pepper with the onion (they’re seasonal in my garden right now, so I’m pretty much adding them to everything!). This was very easy and tasted like it took much more time. For those of you interested, if you just pull the roast out of the pan, you could just serve it like a regular roast and top it with the sauce instead of shredding it. Next time I’ll try this recipe with pork! It’s usually what I buy since beef is so expensive. Got my chuck roast on sale, and I’m sure glad I chose this recipe for cooking it!

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  4. Phil

    Hello, Elise…
    I have a question about a plate I see in your “Braised BBQ Beef Sandwich” recipe.
    About 25 yrs. ago, I bought a set of dishes like this one, Cobalt blue and bright white. Most have been broken. I can not find them any where! Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you for any and all help you can give.

    Philip M. Crow Sr.

    PS- Love your site and recipes!!!

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  5. Michelle

    Not sure if I missed something, but the directions say after adding the BBQ sauce to turn up to medium high heat, but then simmer for 10 minutes? I kept it at medium high heat for 10 min. and got some crusty burnt stuff going before I raced from the dishes to stir it and save it from more burning, but was I supposed to just raise it up and then lower to a simmer? Just a little unclear to me, since medium high seems a bit hot for a simmer and it definitely needed attentive stirring to avoid a burnt bottom. Still smells delicious, but I’m going to have a time cleaning my dutch oven later!

    Also, do you use boneless or bone-in chuck roast? I couldn’t find the bone-in at the store, so had to go with boneless, just wondering if I should search harder next time. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the final results, love all the recipes on this site.

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