No ImageBraised Beef Short Ribs

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  1. Paddy

    WOW….so tender, flavour rich, definitely the 1st and last recipe I will ever need for beef ribs! Meat, fork tender. Butcher had no veal stock, used his beef stock. Bottle of Cabernet Gamay, less two sips. Loved that you could skim off the fat, once chilled. Sauce was still not as thick as I wanted, mixed some liquid from the pot and flour to a paste and whisked in. Absolutely amazing!


  2. Alec

    Ok, this was sooooooo freaking good. A couple things I did, add garlic to the veggies and cut the recipe in half some I cooked for myself (leftovers were so appreciated here). I served mine over homemade polenta (corn meal, water, milk, butter, chicken stock) and omg did that come out amazing. I suggest eating the ribs over a side of creamy polenta vs mashed potatoes…enjoy!


  3. Paula

    I just used a chuck roast I had in freezer..Cut it into pieces..Used the recipe but cooked at 350 for hour and half..turned off oven and let set an hour..also added some Rosemary pesto,I had made.. yummie….

  4. Barbara Schieving

    This is the best beef short rib recipe. Any time I need a great meal for company, I make this one.


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  5. Katerina

    Dear Elise,

    I have a party of 12 for dinner. Do you think it is possible to make this recipe or would it be impossible? What would you recommend?

    Many thanks

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