No ImageBread Soup (Panade) with Onions, Chard, and Mushrooms

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  1. Garrett

    By and far a staple through winter and the chilly, early spring. Such an easy and flavorful recipe that takes well to substitutions.


  2. rose

    Very tasty


  3. shelli : mamaofletters

    Just wanted to say this was an excellent recipe! Thank you! My husband told me it was the best soup I’ve ever made. (I’m not much of a cook.) I used only a small onion because he’s sensitive to onions, and I used a little extra mushrooms. Otherwise, I followed it closely. Used some good artisan bread. Really enjoyed it! Thanks.


  4. Christine

    I meant to add, that obviously without the stock, I use up a lot more onions for this. And instead of wine (or in addition to wine, depending on how I’m feeling) I use some brandy. Super easy, super delicious!

  5. Christine

    Oh man, how I love a panade. I don’t even use stock most of the time, I just caramelize the onions as if you were making a french onion soup (a la Ruhlman – without beef stock or stock at all!), then I proceed just as you do, only with water. It takes a little more time, but I hate to use up my homemade stock when I don’t have to :)

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