No ImageBreaded and Baked Chicken Drumsticks

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    I made this last night and was soooo afraid of it being sandy but it turned out great. Thank you.


  2. Kelly

    I made this last night. The husband and I liked the flavor but found the texture to be sandy and not enjoyable. I won’t make this again. I enjoy many other recipes from this site but this one was just not for us!

  3. AbstractDr3ams

    Your recipe just saved dinner for my husband and 5 children,thank you! Fast, easy and more importantly…delicious!

  4. Alisa A.

    Super fast, super easy & super delicious. I will make this again and again!

  5. Michelle

    I tried this tonight and it was quite good. I used panko, egg, salt and green onions. I think it’d be a lot tastier with the mustard and worcestershire sauce, or other variants (the lemon garlic sounded so delicious). Still, it was very simple to make. I put a decent amount of sea salt and it still could have used more (and I usually don’t like much salt). If you skip the mustard and sauce, probably add a bit more salt, I’d say.

    I used a rack-thing in a pan, so it was very very crispy and I didn’t need to use olive oil. For those who want to take the skin off, I didn’t find it very greasy to leave it on, although there was a pile of greasy stuff under the rack.

    It was impressively light and crispy on the outside, but moist on the inside, and oh-so-easy. I used a convection oven setting at 425, but it took about 48 minutes. My chicken may not have been thoroughly thawed, however.

    I will definitely make this again and try a variant too. I had a bit of trouble getting the panko to stick well, so I will try the mayonnaise next time. great recipe to put in the rotation!

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