No ImageBroiled Lobster Tail with Brown Butter Sauce

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  1. kelly

    How did I not know about brown butter before! Its a game changer for lobster. Paired this with prime filet for a surf and turf NYE dinner! Loved it.

  2. Kim Pawell

    Great tutorial on both how to brown butter and how to prepare lobster. Thank you for your detailed approach. There is nothing like lobster tails with good butter and lemon, some crusty bread and a crisp glass of white wine. I’m looking forward to browning the butter for my next lobster meal!

  3. Jeff

    The lobster tail turned out very delicious. But the butter sauce elevated it to amazing!


  4. JoanneNicole

    I read through this recipe 4 times, just to make sure I wasn’t just missing it…but where do the minced shallots come in?

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  5. Christian Gehman

    Technically, if you are referring to the French sauce beurre brun, the accurate translation is “brown butter” — not “browned” butter, although in fact it is made with “browned” butter. Those are some very yummy photos ….

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