No ImageBrussels Sprouts with Toasted Almonds

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  1. Uchenna

    This is the best recipe of Brussels sprouts so far that I have ever tried. I used red onions and a combo of roasted mixed nuts and still was delicious. I will definitely consider this recipe everytime I want brussels sprouts. Yummy!!!

  2. Marlene

    Amazing. I have been struggling with making brussels sprouts taste good for years (ALWAYS make them too bitter), and this recipe got rave reviews from my husband and 2-year old twins. Thanks so much for enlightening me!

  3. Linda

    I make this recipe all the time and everyone loves it. I add Craisins at the end and it looks and tastes beautiful!!

  4. LouLou

    I make a similar recipe but I use olive oil instead of butter (I’m dairy-free) and I use slightly crushed Macadamia nuts. The Macadamia nuts give a great, buttery flavor and crunch! (Also, I tend to use shallots instead of onion.)

  5. Lizzy

    This recipe is one of my favorites!

  6. Sherry

    After being reintroduced to Brussels sprouts recently I have found the best way is to use frozen. To me they not only taste better but are always smaller which I prefer. Cut up a pound of maple bacon and fry. Take out bacon and leave bacon fat. To the pan add 1 frozen bag Brussels sprouts halved, 8-10 fingerling potatoes cut in fourths, salt and pepper. Coat evenly then pop pan into oven and roast until tender. Add bacon, juice of 1 Meyer lemon and 2 tablespoons of butter. This will convert a non-believer.

  7. Emily

    Tried this tonight and it was great! Used pine nuts. I have only ever had the frozen brussel sprouts in the box that my mom used to fix when I was a kid — always hated them. Loved them this way! Thank you, thank you.

  8. Meghan

    I’ve enjoyed brussel sprouts steamed in the microwave before, but wanted something less mushy, more flavorful and more vegetable-y. This was perfect! I tweaked the recipe slightly, not having lemon juice on hand, and used red onion and sliced garlic. I also threw all the almonds into the pan at the last second to toast them a bit. Truly top notch!

  9. Zach Thomas

    Sauteed in olive oil and butter, with salt, garlic, onions and palles if you like, and a bit of nutmeg or cumin. Sound like odd spice choices but they really add to the great nutty flavor – good combo with a bit of balsamic or wine vinegar spritzed at the end.


    I tried this recipe tonight. It was my first time making brussels. It was Deeeeelicious!!!

  11. Tat

    I just tried this dish for the first time and was blown away. The marriage of flavors of almond, lemon, onion and butter is simply heavenly.

    This is also so filling it could be a fantastic main dish. Looks good too.


  12. Rani

    Made this for a small dinner party last night and it was a HIT!
    Followed the recipe exactly and it was perfect!
    Great for all seasons!

  13. Ashley

    I never used to like brussels sprouts either, until I tried some prepared in a steakhouse I worked at. They were steamed with a bit of salt in the water, drizzled with melted butter, and sprinkled lightly with brown sugar. Delish!

  14. Karen

    I made these last night and they were extremely good! I substituted balsamic vinegar for lemon juice since I didn’t have any and served them over Camargue rice (French red rice)…mmmm great nutty flavour. Another great recipe!


  15. Jessie

    This recipe was the first one I read from this site, from a night when I had some fresh brussels sprouts and was trying to figure out how to make them not taste bad. The result was truly like magic, they weren’t bitter, which was a first. Instead I got to enjoy crunchy, sweet, delicious little green bits of goodness. Boiling them first is the key, and then the saute for flavor. I was so struck by the result that I began looking at other recipes on the site, and everything I’ve tried since has also been awesome. Thank you, Elise, for the high standard you keep for your posted recipes.

  16. Noah

    I have an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to stir frying brussel sprouts.

    My general approach is:

    – Start with a base of olive oil (or butter) and some minced onion and garlic.
    – Then put in the quartered brussel sprouts (which may be steamed ahead of time, but isn’t required) and some chopped onion
    – Liberally applied soy sauce.

    Yeah, I’m weird, I use minced onion in the beginning then add less finely chopped onion later. Sue me.

    Of course, I never stop there. I always put in several variants. My favorites seasonings are:

    – Cilantro. Seriously, it makes everything taste better.
    – Lemon
    – Almonds
    – Red pepper flakes
    – Basil
    – Ginger
    – Cumin
    – Chili powder

    Also I frequently stir fry a couple other vegetables along with them (usually no more than 1 or 2 more, as brussel sprouts and onions are enough on their own). The most common other vegetables I use are:

    – Broccoli
    – Bell pepper
    – Shitake mushrooms

  17. Holly

    These were really good, Elise! You have converted yet another! I substituted finely chopped pecans for the almonds, as I had no almonds on hand…it was still delicious. Thanks for another great recipe!

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