No ImageBrussels Sprouts with Bacon and Chestnuts

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  1. John Austin

    Most UK supermarkets stock vacuum packed chestnuts –
    If you can’t find them check out for suppliers

  2. Jessica

    This may be a silly question, but the Trader Joe’s near my house sells fresh brussel sprouts still attached to the stalk, and I was wondering if your “1 lb.” measurement includes the stalk or just the sprouts. (If it’s just sprouts, about what weight would I want with stalk still attached?) Thanks!

    The 1 lb measurement does NOT include the stalk. Brussels sprouts are usually sold loose. Good idea to get them on the stalk though, because they will likely be more fresh and will keep better. No idea what the weight would be with the stalk still attached, but I’m guessing that you would be fine with this recipe with the sprouts from one stalk. ~Elise

  3. Penny

    Dee-lish! Finished off with a little bit of umeboshi vinegar, a nice big bowl of these makes a whole meal. I think the secret is not to boil them too long, because you can always saute as long as you want. Thanks Elise!


  4. Angela

    We made this for Thanksgiving (in fact, we had a nearly all Simply Recipes Thanksgiving) and it was great! Aside from the part where we exploded chestnuts all over the kitchen, though :)

    Oh yes, I’ve done the exploding chestnuts too. You’ve got to score them before cooking if you make them that way. ~Elise


  5. Greg

    Had these for Thanksgiving, too! We substituted toasted chopped walnuts for the chestnuts, and it was a big hit! And this may sound odd, but the leftovers made a great omelet filling this morning! I mixed in a little grated parmesan, and it was terrific!


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