No ImageBrussels Sprouts with Black Bean Garlic Sauce

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  1. Patrick

    This recipe worked out very well as the black bean source complemented the slight bitterness of the brussels sprouts. I added five-spice marinated tofu and turned this into a main dish.

    Another twist to preparing brussels sprouts is to slice them up in a food processor before cooking. Doing so makes it easier to cook through the vegetable.

  2. Andrea Kearney

    I tried this recipe using a bag of frozen brussels sprouts, defrosted and halved (not quartered). Easy, fast, wonderful tasting–I agree with you that these two strong flavors go well together. Will try using fresh sprouts next time I’ll have time to do the prep. Thanks for this great recipe!

  3. Shelenia

    I tried this recipe today because I just love brussels sprout. I don’t think I cooked it right because the brussels were kinda harder than I am use to having them, but the flavor was good. I had to add a little salt and hot sauce.

    These will be crunchier than most recipes using Brussels sprouts. If you want, feel free to give them a short steam to soften them up first. ~Garrett

  4. JM

    Thank you! This has become my go-to weeknight brussels sprouts preparation. I often sautee some cubed tofu first, take it out while the sprouts cook, and then add it back in before adding the sauce.
    Tonight I ate it with some leftover rice that had lemon juice on it, and it was a great combo, so I squeezed some extra lemon juice over the top (just a little). I think the hint of acid makes it even better!


  5. Jen

    Wow! These look SO good! I am always looking for new ways to cook veggies and I am SO glad I read the comments! I almost passed it by since we have Celiacs in the house and commercial black bean sauce is not gluten free, but with the black bean recipe and the main recipe, now I CAN make it! THANK YOU!


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