No ImageButter Cookies

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  1. Emiko

    Thanks for this lovely recipe! (And all of your other ones as well.) These are a perfect paring for my lemon ice cream. As a note for those who hate to roll dough, as I do, this recipe worked perfectly well for slice and bake. Instead of two discs, I formed a single long log about 2.5 in. wide and wrapped in wax paper. After a night in the fridge, I sliced about 0.25 inch thick and baked. Not as pretty as shapes, but much less messy.


  2. Jean

    Hi, thanks for this recipe! I just have one question: where did you buy you heart cookie cutters and how big are they?

    Oh my gosh, I made these such a long time ago that I don’t remember either where I got the cookie cutters or their size. I have lots of sizes in my collection. I’m sure you can find the cookie cutters online. Look for metal ones, they’ll work better than plastic. ~Elise

  3. jaclyn505

    this was simple to make, the dough was pliable…when I baked them they were soft…but I didn’t like the taste a lil too tart!! Wondering if I can subsitute the lemon juice for anything?? Or leave it out with the same results?

    You can leave out the lemon juice. Or just reduce it to a teaspoon. ~Elise

  4. AV

    This dough was perfect – I believe the ratio of the flour (3 cups) to the butter (2 sticks) is just right. Other recipes seem to have less butter or less sugar etc. Cookies turned out great – made me feel like a real chef…:)


  5. Mary

    The dough turned out perfect for me! I didn’t have any many problems with crumbly dough. For me, I think what helped was pressing the dough flatter once it was in a ball in the plastic wrap. The cookies themselves look absolutely lovely, and taste delicious.


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