No ImageButter Pecan Ice Cream

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  1. Belinda Marcel

    So fantastic!!!


  2. Felicia



  3. Luke

    Great idea to brown the butter! With respect, I suggest the sugar go into the yolks rather than into the butter. The milk should really be scalded without sugar to avoid curdling. The concept, however, is lovely. Can’t wait to try the batch I’ve got freezing right now!

  4. Angie

    Amazing! I used 1% milk, so I had to freeze longer, but otherwise delicious. I heated the milk before adding to the sugar mixture and it worked great! Thanks Elise


  5. melissa

    My husband has been asking me for butter pecan ice cream since I got my kitchenaid ice cream maker a year ago. I finally made this this weekend, and it was delicious. What a perfect recipe! My husband declared it The Best Ice Cream Ever Made By Humans Ever. I am thinking about using the butter, with white sugar instead of brown, as a base for other flavors. I’ve had trouble with homemade custard-based ice cream getting icy/grainy quickly, and/or turning rock hard after a day. Seems to me this would be the chemistry necessary to keep it nice and creamy! Thank you for a great recipe!

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