No ImageBiscuits and Gravy

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  1. Kimberly

    Thank you for thee best biscuit receipe ever!! I have been searching for 20 years and my family loved these so much!! I didn’t try the gravy because I only had bacon, so I improvised. Thanks again for a great biscuit recipe.


  2. Tina Mailhot

    This was awe some! I cut the recipe in half. To be honest I thought that my family would not care for it. Everyone loved it. .

  3. Miss Yotsuba

    Don’t use milk use single cream. Don’t cook sausage meat first. You need to sweat the onions off on a low heat first on a low heat then turn up the heat just before they go translucent but not coloured. then add the sausages…. Make sure you stir constantly otherwise the onion will burn and go bitter. the sausage meat will cook in just a couple of minutes. If you do it the way recipe says then you over cook the meat, goes dry and like small rubber balls and it loses a lot of flavour. Also using cream instead of milks makes the gravy less watery and tasteless and gives it more richness… Just be careful not to split it.

  4. Tiffany

    OMG! This was fantastic! I used Everglades seasoning and no nutmeg or poultry seasoning. Really loved the simplicity of making this too. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Liz Schwartz

    I didn’t care for the taste of this gravy. Perhaps it was the sage sausage and poultry seasoning.

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