No ImageButterscotch Pudding

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  1. Baker

    Flavor is good but doesn’t set up. I’m an experienced cook with lots of experience (have worked as a pastry cook in a high volume restaurant) and this recipe misses the mark. I followed the directions exactly and it never got past liquidy, even with an additional 25 minutes in the oven. I guess we’ll drink it for dessert? Frustrating.


  2. clutchngrab

    I have a sous vide and would like to combine this recipe with the chef steps version which uses extract. Their recipe uses 8oz mason jars filled with 5oz of mixture set in the water bath at 176 for 1 hour. Then chilled similarly. Does this sound about right?

  3. Sarah

    I love every recipe I’ve tried from Simply Recipies. This one however sadly did not work for me. I followed the directions and my pudding seemed to separate into a liquid bottom and a very loose pudding on top. I’m so sad!!

  4. Jess

    Do you take it out of the water bath immediately or is it okay for it to cool down in the water bath?

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  5. Lauren

    I haven’t made this yet, but I wanted to throw something out there for those having trouble with their pudding separating: I often make a custard in a bain marie. Although the original recipe says (as all bain marie recipes do) that the water should go halfway up the sides of the bowl, I find that the texture of the pudding changes considerably at the water line – creamier below, denser above. As a result I now set the custard bowl in water up to the level of the custard. Yes it takes ages to bake, but it’s worth it!

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