No ImageCactus and Corn Salsa

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  1. j j

    are all cacti edible?

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  2. george

    I have all the ingridients and those cactus padles with the cactus pear are actually growing in front of me and they are maybe tons of them because im on holiday in Sicily,Palermo.But unfortunately I have no blender can I puree the salsa with something else please tell me.

  3. Mickey

    Just made this for dinner and used it as a sauce along side some pork tenderloin-just really superb. I posted my version and a link to you on my blog Kitchen Inferno. Thanks for such an unusual salsa.

  4. Mely

    Hello Elise,

    As a long time subscriber of your website, I was happy to see this recipe in my email. We need to showcase more the humble (Nopal) cactus paddles.

    I have several recipes in my blog but we can always use more creative ways to use the nopales like in this great salsa. Even for me is a new way to use nopales.

    Thanks for sharing it.


    Mely, I agree! I love cactus. So glad you like this recipe.Enjoy! ~Amber

  5. Roberta Decker

    Not meaning to sound stupid or anything but I have a kitchen full of catus but have no idea if they are what you are talking about. Some have the large paddles like you say and they reach clear to the kitchen ceiling.Am I safe to use what I have in the kitchen or is there a way of knowing what I have? I have never seen catus for sale in any of our stores around here so I hope I can use them without making someone sick. Any thoughts?

    Roberta, most of the decorative cacti are likely not the prickly pear cactus meant for eating. Please consult an expert. We definitely don’t recommend eating your house plants. The cactus is commonly referred to as prickly pear, nopal, or tuna. ~Amber

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