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  1. Angelitacarmelita

    Caesar salad is my SO’s FAVORITE salad. I’ve made others and they were just okay… I found your recipe and tried it and OMG! My search for a great recipe for this is over! I followed the recipe as written and wouldn’t change a thing for the dressy. The only thing I did differently was swap out the croutons for a new take. I saw Molly Yeh do a salad with browned panko (I used the garlic oil as noted in your recipe to brown them), and finished the salad with those beautiful garlicky crumbs instead. I’m not a fan of the big chunky croutons and neither is my SO’s mom, so I decided to go the bread crumb route. It was amazing and per my family “the best ceasar salad any of them had ever had” This is better than any I’ve ever had, in any (even very high end, table-side prepared) restaurant. Thank you!!


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  2. Phyllis

    Can you make dressing ahead of time?

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  3. Jonnie

    I live in the Philippines and sometimes it’s hard to get anchovies. Try to replace it with fishsauce. But be carefull with the salt. Some brands are very salty.

  4. xavier

    it was amazing


  5. brandon

    it was delicious


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