No ImageCajun Chicken Salad

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  1. Torrey

    Great way to make chicken salad. I didn’t have horseradish on hand, but it was still really spicy. Delicious!


  2. Dana

    Made this tonight for dinner! I used only about half the mayo, I pan-cooked the chicken instead of poaching it, and I added a little bit of diced jalapeno for heat. It’s delicious and easy and super filling – and it left my roommates pretty jealous of my dinner. Thanks for the post!


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  3. Dee

    Thank you for the recipe. Turned out delicious and I used it as a sandwich filling n the kids loved it too! A simple to do n yet great on taste!!!


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  4. Eric

    This struck me just right this morning, and I’ll happily enjoy it for lunch all week. The flavors work great together, and I love having a chicken salad that is neither curried, nor fully traditional. Judging from the freshly-made taste, this will be fantastic tomorrow.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Kevsky

    Where mustard is called for, is this prepared mustard (creole or yellow), or is this ground mustard seed?

    Prepared mustard. We used Dijon. ~Elise

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