No ImageCalamari Stewed with Tomatoes

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  1. Charlotte

    Excellent recipe and so full of flavor and very tender, I was really nervous to stew calamari as I usually flash fry but this is the only way for me from now on, thanks for sharing this recipe.


  2. S in Seattle

    This was a “use it up” recipe before moving and it’s so tasty. Because I was trying to empty the pantry, the only thing i bought was the fennel (a smaller heirloom variety at the farmers market). Increased the garlic, subbed sweet vermouth for the red wine and Sambuca with a single star anise added during cooking. Bulked it up afterwards with about half a cup of dried quinoa and half a container of italian breadcrumbs with some extra Tuscan Sunset by Penzey’s thrown in. Delicious- weirdly tastes like none of the ingredients but just good! Complex, a bit of bite from something, and very filling.


  3. Lucinda

    This was delicious – so easy and quick to prepare. I served the tentacles as an appetiser with some lemon. Yum.


  4. Pablito

    I’ve made a similar dish for years. However, I don’t use onion because I find the onion makes it too sweet, and I use more garlic. I also add some black olives and some Vietnamese fish sauce for salt and to enhance the flavor. To the person who finds the squid too tender – you are cooking it too long!

  5. Wayne

    Our family has Calamari with spaghetti every Christmas eve as part of the 7 fishes tradition. The family recipe uses more onion and no anice although I am sure I’d like it as posted. We also grind the tenticles and add the minced tentacles to the sauce (since everyone does not like the tenticles)

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