No ImageCandied Walnuts

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  1. GMD

    I made this recipe twice. The sugar melted. I added the nuts. Stirred. Then I put them on the parchment covered pan and began separating with 2 forks. The nuts broke as I separated them and the end result looks like a mess. You can’t even tell they are walnuts. Not worth the trouble.
    In my experience, the only way to get nice looking walnuts coated is to dip them into the melted sugar one at a time and place on parchment.


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  2. LM

    I was using these with a raspberry salad so I add 1/8 tsp raspberry emulsion to sugar and it had just the right hint of raspberry taste to compliment salad as a whole. If I didn’t want raspberry… I’d likely add vanilla also.


  3. Dawn

    I have made this Chinese-style. One of the secrets I found was to blanch (simmer) the walnuts for 10 minutes before toasting. This removes the bitterness which can be very pronounced to some people with walnuts. The second lovely addition is to sprinkle sesame seeds (toasted if you like) over the nuts at the point where this recipe says to sprinkle with salt. The extra flavor is amazing. Just some thoughts. :)

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  4. June

    Great tasting simple recipe! We followed the recipe and then we sprinkled cinnamon on top to add extra flavor. It was gone in minutes.


  5. Deb

    I made candied walnuts many years ago but the recipe was so complicated and the oil started to burn and smoked up the whole house. This looks way too easy…love it! So tonight we are having roasted beet salad with candied walnuts and goat cheese. I’m thinking of using brown sugar rather than white sugar. No idea how I’m going to cook the chicken, yet!

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