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  1. Caterina

    My daughter and I just made the caramel apples (we used honey crisps); they came out perfect. This recipe will become a Halloween tradition in our home. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Robin

    I just made some yesterday…got up this morning and one of them is bubbling at the top by the stick…what is this!

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  3. Adrian

    Thank you for this delicious recipe :) We tried it at home and it was so yummy :D I cannot thank you enough


  4. Carol at Wild Goose Tea

    I always expect more than the best from you. You certainly came thru again with a fabulous caramel for the coating on your apples. Wow. And yeah no worries about leftover sauce—you got that right. In fact the caramel might not make it on any apples. Ha.


  5. Marilyn

    If you want really old-fashioned (English) hard crack toffee apples it is a simple as 150g sugar and 250 ml water. Caster sugar dissolves easier than granulated and my mom (1940’s) used to use Golden syrup to replace some of the sugar if she had any, but sugar and water makes the glass-like cracky toffee that I always think of as toffee apples. the hardest part these days is cleaning the wax off the (commecerial) apple. Elise mentions not sealing the apple – leaving a space at the top – I was told that was to let the gas escape so you didn’t get bubbles (?) We were never that fussy and they were fine. Eat same day if possible – damp gets to them and makes them sticky. Never squished the bases up – that was the challenge for the eaters to see if you could get the one with the biggest extra toffee!

    Marilyn O

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