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  1. TINA

    I did start the sugar with 2 tbsp of water. You have to be patient the sugar does take time to melt. I used organic sugar with has a slightly bigger grain. As it started to brown I could see the crystals were melting beautifully. All went as planned and it made a beautiful sauce. No need to buy store bought caramel sauce!


  2. Ann

    Made it today. Turned out great actually.! I wasn’t sure about the melting sugar, thought I would have to add water.


  3. Amanda

    I did not find it easy or good. I wish I could post a pic. Seemed to be going good waiting for the sugar to melt but then it was like the sugar seized into super hard clumps. Kept working it and it eventually melted. As soon as the last clump was dissolved I got the butter, which was right next to me unwrapped and ready, but it burnt before I could get it in. Now off to the store to buy store bought caramel.


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  4. Kathryn

    It was very good caramel and it goes great with brownies. It is easy to burn it though. The first time I made it it was burnt a bit and only got better when I cooked it less and added salt. I have noticed a lot of reviews say they liked it but they changed it so this review reflects on the problems of the actual recipe.


  5. Nicole

    I make this once a month and as it cools in its jar I add 1/2 tsp of seasalt.


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