No ImageCaramel Nut Tart

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  1. Parya

    I want to make this, but I don’t have the patience (or the confidence!) to make the caramel. If I want to use store-bought caramel, how much should I add if I take the sugar and water out?

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  2. Chloe

    I made this but I made some substitutions for my family because they’re vegan. I swapped cream for the thick coconut milk at the top of a tin, honey for golden syrup and butter for vegan spread. It worked pretty well, though once I cut it the caramel did bleed a little but I guess that was the substitutions. Great recipe though, still works well even when you change some things.


  3. Bonny

    I subbed maple syrup for the honey. But it turned out every bit as beautiful as yours. Thanks. Great recipe.


  4. Sophie

    The caramel didn’t work out so well the first time: the sugar didn’t dissolve and it turned solid again after a while, so we tried again. It didn’t turn out much better, the sugar solidified again so we decided to melt the sugar. Then we added all the rest of the ingredients. One huge solid lump formed but the rest of it worked. We just took the lump out and then it was fine. It turned out DELICIOUS: perfect consistency and pastry was AMAZING!!!!!

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  5. Peter Bishop

    Best recipe
    My first pastry and first toffee ever. Supercook wife unhappy at the ease that I managed this( credit to magnificent instructions)


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