No ImageCaramelized Onion Quiche

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  1. James wilson

    I made this recipe you gave and having t was a hit for the customers that frequent the cafeteria I work in. I used the vermouth as you suggested and the brandy. I must say but t really was great choice for a last minute soup choice. The timing and everything were perfect.


  2. Gaby

    In the Alsace ( France) one adds 1 glass of white wine plus a bayleave once the onions are soft… then leave on stove until the wine has been reduced…. this gives the quiche a wonderfully sweetish dimension …….

  3. Mirri

    My first properly edible quiche! Made using red onion marmalade made in the slow cooker the day before and double gloucester cheese – smells, looks and tastes great!


  4. LKRothman

    This is fabulous! I tend to make a big batch of the onions in the crockpot, divide it up into quiche sized baggies and freeze extras. Works very well when I don’t have the time to give ones on the stove the TLC stirring they want.

  5. Valeria Edmonds

    Just made this with the homemade crust! Smells heavenly.

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