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  1. Matthew

    Made this today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Yummy, crusty outside with delicious flavor. Added a bit more caraway seeds for stronger flavor. Super easy. Will be making this again.


  2. Jay

    Not sure why this is a dedicated & separate Recipe than the Irish Soda Bread one listed here? Only difference I can find is less Flour and No Egg yet all other ingredients remain the same?
    Then the Temperature is at High Heat (450) for 15 min, then reduced for another 25min at (400) which equal same amount of time for the Irish Soda Bread but that is 35min at 425 deg.
    Wouldn’t it just make sense to use the Irish Soda Bread Recipe and just ADD the Caraway? Thats what I do & is very simple as well as delicious. In fact, I add all sorts of combinations to the Irish Soda Recipe (cranberries/caraway/chopped walnut bits/raisins/currants. ).
    I’m sure theres a reason for Less Flour & therefore, no Egg in Caraway Bread Recipe? Just can’t figure out what that would be. Texture? Size?
    I suppose I will try it out & see if I can find the difference for myself, but just wondering why from the Source.
    Thank you for the Irish Soda Bread Recipe as it is delicious. I have compared it to MANY versions over the years but one still remains my favorite & outranks the others.

    Saratoga Springs, NY

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  3. Rupali

    I’ve made this bread for St Patrick’s Day potluck at work for the past 4 years and it’s always a hit. Will be making it again this week!


  4. Amber Green

    Thank you for the inspiration for this recipe. Because I’m a vegan, I swapped the buttermilk to soya yogurt, and it worked a treat! Absolutely delicious and very moreish ;). Thanks, Amber.

  5. Jenn

    The soda bread is awesome! Enjoying it now with some butter and cherry jam. Thanks! I think one loaf would be enough for 8 people as a side for dinner. Biscuits are nice, but this is so much easier, and not so buttery.


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