No ImageCarbonnade Beef and Beer Stew

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  1. Laurie

    Oh my! This was so delicious. My guests kept referring to it as steak bites, even though I told them it was pot roast. I used Leffe belgian beer and did not do the steps at the end with the mustard and brown sugar. My guests even took a bottle of the beer and the leftover thyme as they wanted to make the meal for themselves that week. Making it again tonite!


  2. Rochelle

    We lived in Belgium for 3 years and that is where I began making this carbonnade. I’m still making it all these years later!!! A dark, Belgian beer is ideal for this recipe. That being said, this recipe is also very forgiving and if following the directions as stated, you will have an OUTSTANDING carbonnade that even a Belgian will give a thumbs up to! This has become a staple in our home and one you’ll probably get as a guest in my home. We love it over mashed potatoes, but don’t be scared to try it as the Belgians do…with frites!


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  3. Dorothy

    I’ve made this twice now, easy to follow recipe and very tasty! Husband and I really like this stew!


  4. Rob

    Really impressed. I made mine in a slow cooker (aka Crockpot) but altered the recipe so I coated the beef in the flour before browning. I also added a teaspoon of dried thyme (I didn’t have fresh thyme), but will double it to 2 tspns next time. I used 3 tbspns of dijon mustard instead of 1 tbspn of wholegrain and this really helped. I also added some dried porcini mushrooms which had been soaked for 10 mins, to give the stew a richer flavour and half a teaspoon of garlic granules (this wasn’t really enough but I was worried about overpowering the stew. Again, I’ll add more next time). I put everything in at the beginning and it worked very well. However, I had to add some cornflour slurry to thicken up the gravy (not uncommon with slow cookers) and may just use the beer to make the broth next time, rather than add the additional liquid used to make the broth separately. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Kelli

    Should be a Belgian sour ale. Also marinate the meat in the ale with garlic cloves overnight for a richer more authentic result. Then save the marinade for the stew.

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