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  1. Cindy lau

    If one uses ground cardamom, how much would you suggest?

  2. Donna

    Made this tonight – liked everything except the lemon, it gave a distinct “pledge” flavour, was disappointed. Will try without the lemon next time. A

  3. Cherie Harper

    Made this last night with a very few modifications. I used 1Tb apple juice & 1 Tb apple cider vinegar since I didn’t have Sherry, and I used 1/2tsp ground cardamom. Will try with whole cardamom some time, I’m sure the flavor is even better! Also I tried what a few users had & used sliced oranges in place of the lemons, and had no bitterness issues. I served it with an orange & spinach couscous (just simmered orange zest with broth, and added froz spinach with the couscous), and an apple spiced bread. Family happy!

  4. Autumn

    I made this for some guests in my home recently along with your yukon gold goat cheese and sage mashed potatoes. Both were divine!

  5. Sarah V.

    The sherry called for – is it okay to use cooking sherry? I’ve read elsewhere that you should buy quality sherry for cooking, from a liquor store… I wondered whether cooking sherry would be okay for this, or if it would ruin it?

    Cooking sherry should be fine, though in the future you should just use good sherry for cooking. My recommendation is to only use liquour in recipes that you would be willing to drink. ~Elise

    • Alexandra

      I would add that you should use less salt than you would normally since cooking sherry, all cooking wines really, are high in sodium.

  6. Mary-Beth

    I grew up in NZ and have been to this bee cafe – great place and lots of delish menu items and beauty products using the local honey. I recently got some wild Arizona desert honey and couldn’t wait to try this recipe. I used legs and thighs (just pan seared the thighs and left it at that) and served with baby potatoes and a salad, having the sliced thighs a couple of days later with papaya and arugula for lunch. Love, love the use of cardamom with chicken. Looking forward to making this again. Great site, thanks!

  7. Linda

    Dang it! that was good. I had a package of 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, started following the full recipe, ooops! wrong amounts. So I ended up with 1 tsp cardamom and black pepper, (realization) about 3 tbsp honey, no sherry, cooked on sliced orange instead of lemon, since that’s what I had. Followed the rest of the recipe. Served the sliced chicken on a green salad, using rice vinegar and the drippings for the dressing. My husband says there is nowhere in town that cooks as good as his wife. Love your recipes.

  8. xta

    This was fantastic. I did as someone above did-just put it into a 400 degree oven without searing the meat. The chicken browned perfectly. Also I put sliced oranges in the roasting pan instead of lemons. It was delicious and the drippings were amazing. Thanks!

  9. edna lewis

    Regarding the oven temperature: I don’t know why ovens have temperatures in 10 degree increments when all recipes call for a temperature in 25 degree segments. Except this one — 390 degrees??!!

    Amy asked above (and I didn’t see a response): should the oven be preheated to 350 or 400? Or, is 390 degrees correct?

    This recipe was adapted from one in Celsius. Thus the odd number. 390 is correct. ~Elise

  10. Hilly

    My boyfriend and I prepared this for dinner last week, praise from the entire family. It will certainly be a regular dish for us now, thanks for sharing it.

  11. Yoko

    Made a quick pan-fry version of this with tenderloins tonight. I added a few slices of apple to counter the bitterness from the lemon :) really yummy over jasmine rice, although I guess basmati would be even better?

  12. Jason

    I replaced the lemon with a orange, and the cooking sherry with Jack Daniels. To me the lemon was over powering the taste and the jack was just something different worked out very well.

  13. Nikki

    The marinade started off great but, as mentioned above, the lemon made it unpalatably bitter. My suggestion, omit or cut the amount of lemon. However, I did manage to salvage the meat with extra honey and salt. YUM!

  14. Melisa

    This turned out great! My husband is not a huge fan of chicken, but he liked the flavor. However, it took me twice as long in the oven to cook until done?

    Chickens vary a lot in size, so if you had relatively big pieces, they would take longer. Also every time you open an oven door enough heat escapes that it can lengthen the cooking time. ~Elise

  15. Cadi

    Just made this and it was superb. I used clementines instead of lemons since that’s what was on hand and it came out great, they added some extra sweetness.

  16. Melly

    I made this and it was AMAZING.
    I am not what you would call an experienced cook, and don’t enjoy complicated recipes that stress me out in the kitchen. This is so simple and delicious. Added bonus – my apartment smelled like cardamom and honey for a couple days. Yum!

  17. Darlene

    Love the sweet, earthy and lemon flavor. Needed to double the sauce.

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