No ImageCarrot Ginger Soup

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  1. Peter

    I really enjoyed making this recipe. I modified the recipe because I wanted to use my full bag of carrots (900 g/ 2lbs) so I added a little more onion to balance it out. I also added a little more ginger – and I added my entire carton of chicken stock (but omitted the salt from the recipe). I didn’t add any orange zest or juice, but I did add a peeled and cored granny smith apple. Served with cheese bread, it was a hit! I loved it – but more importantly my wife loved it!! Thanks for making me look like a hero.


  2. Suzeeka

    Loved it! Chopped the carrots and onions into small dice in my food processor. That made it take hardly any time at all ! I added a 1/4 cup of orange juice.

  3. Anne

    First time I made this my family thought it was amazing! Since then I have made it many times. It is seriously a family favorite!


  4. Dani

    I forgot to take out the orange zest but was still good!


  5. H

    Perfect! So comforting. I used shallots, as that was what I had on hand. I thought there would be enough to freeze but there were no leftovers!


  6. Ginny

    This soup is so healthy and delicious. I’ve made this several times, it’s now one of my go-to soups. Thank you!


  7. Andy

    Nice recipe. I tweaked it with some curry powder, black pepper, hint of cumin, and added some heavy cream after I puréed it.


  8. DEBRA

    I made this and used half milk and half water. Very good!


  9. Brian H

    It was delicious! Just made it for the 1st time. I added a slight bit of Franks Red Hot for a bit of kick. Will cook and share many more times!


  10. Renee

    This soup is so good. Next time, I’ll double the recipe so that I can have some ready in the freezer :)


  11. Eric

    Awesome recipe. My two year old diabetic son can’t get enough of this soup. If anyone else is carb counting, it’s about 11 g per cup. Thanks so much for sharing!


  12. Francesca

    It turned out great. Made it with my homemade chicken broth. I wish I could post it picture. Thank you for such an easy recipe to follow.


  13. Lovella

    Tried it a few minutes ago and it’s absolutely delicious. My family loves it.

    Thank you,


  14. Rni

    hi can i have the vegetable stock recipe ?

  15. Sheri

    Tasty and easy to make. I used organic whole carrots (wise choice, for sure). The ginger and orange strips are smart additions ensuring the soup is not too sweet. I found I needed to add a bit more broth and water after blending, so next time I’ll begin with an additional 1/2 cup of water.


  16. Mariel

    I made it just now. Simply divine. The butter adds a very nice flavour to it I’d never considered. Thank you so much!


  17. Kristine

    My spouse had bariatric surgery and I was looking for something for her to eat during her 3rd phase which is pureed foods. I left out the butter and used Grapeseed oil to reduce the calories and fat. I added unflavored whey protein powder to bump it to the level of protein that she needs to intake and also put in Tumeric! Amazing! I will be recommending to other friends that had surgery too!


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