No ImageCarrot Ginger Soup

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  1. Alex

    So, so yummy while being quick and cost-effective! In the sautee step I added garlic and in the simmer step I added curry powder and cumin which kicked it up a notch for me. Great recipe.


  2. Kate

    How does such an easy to make recipe with simple everyday ingredients come together to make something so delicious? One of life’s little mysteries. My other half and I enjoyed this soup very much. I needed to add liquid when blending it, so I used milk to add some richness. Also added about 3/4 tsp of curry powder during the simmering step and used a little extra ginger. Perfection! Just the right amount of kick. Can’t wait to make it again


  3. [email protected]

    Absolutely delicious. I added turmeric, cumin, and crack black pepper.


  4. Rand

    It’s not too often that I say: “Wow, did I make this?” I inadvertently added 1 tblsp of ginger – but it wasn’t as though I made a mistake. Keepsie.


  5. Peter

    I really enjoyed making this recipe. I modified the recipe because I wanted to use my full bag of carrots (900 g/ 2lbs) so I added a little more onion to balance it out. I also added a little more ginger – and I added my entire carton of chicken stock (but omitted the salt from the recipe). I didn’t add any orange zest or juice, but I did add a peeled and cored granny smith apple. Served with cheese bread, it was a hit! I loved it – but more importantly my wife loved it!! Thanks for making me look like a hero.


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