No ImageCauliflower Pasta Bake

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  1. Brenda

    I loved it. Thanksgiving is coming up would love to make it, can I make it 2 days before and then bake it on Thanksgiving Day! Thank you also may I now try Almond milk instead

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  2. Laura

    We made this tonight and it was delicious, one version was regular pasta and one was gluten free. Added some garlic and substituted some 1/2 n 1/2 for the milk. Loved the onions and cauliflower. You could probably use different kinds of cheeses — it’s really forgiving. Served it with grilled chicken and salad. Yum!


  3. Katherine

    Can you put in the nutritional information, including phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and protein??

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  4. Sandy S

    For anyone who likes cauliflower I suggest taking the time to make this dish! It is worth it! I love cauliflower and almost skipped the rest of the recipe when the cauliflower was fresh out of the oven. Sooo Good! This said, it’s the butter cracker with parsley and Parmesan topping that ‘ices the cake!’ OMG
    I will definitely be making this recipe again. And I may even just make the roasted cauliflower with the cracker topping again! :)
    BTW This is a perfect recipe to make while watching a football game. You can make it and clean-up just in time to watch the 4th quarter with a bowl of hot Pasta Cauliflower to enjoy!


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  5. Yana

    This looks so good, I’m going to make it this weekend…but I agree, it does seem to dirty a lot of pots. I think the onions can be roasted right in the baking dish, no? Then assemble everything in that baking dish too, and you just have to rinse the pasta cooking pot and the cauliflower baking sheet (assuming it was lined).

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