No ImageCelery Root Salad

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  1. Barb Herrera

    I love celery root salad. This recipe was okay, I liked the apples. But personally I like my Oma from Germany’s recipe better. Boil whole for 40-60 mins depends on size, peel off outside and any dark deep areas, cut in small to med chunks. chop onion, mix well, add olive or Grapeseed oil, add a splash of apple cider vinegar, and squirt some Braggs Liquid Aminos in for flavor(they used to use Maggi), salt & pepper to taste (add salt after the Braggs Aminos), and mix well, Eat warm or refrigerate for a delicious salad.

  2. maryMcC

    Made this, perhaps my celeriac had less,flavor,than some, I found it kind of … blah. Added a drizzle of honey, more pepper and it was all better! Probably my sweet tooth talking…

  3. Joy

    Hi Elise!

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe my family loves it, even my aunt ask me to make it again for her was a hit. I added it in my blog to keep all my favorite recipes handy.

    All the best!



  4. GB

    I live in Orlando Florida, where do you purchase celery root?

    You can probably get celery root at the Whole Foods in Orlando, if not other markets. ~Elise

  5. Carol Petri

    I live in south Florida. Where do you purchase Celery Root to use in recipes. I have tried grocery stores,farmers markets et.Seems they have every other kind of root. I also have asked people in health food store to where I can get it. No one seems to know.

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