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  1. Peeyasa

    One thing I think people should get it right. Chai is originally a tea drink made & is popularly consumed all over in India. You will get this version of tea in every city /village across the country. Now it has become global. It’s creamy milky tea flavored with some masala (spices) readily available in any Indian pantry. However, the author got this recipe almost correct. Cheers to that!


  2. Esther

    I added ginger and nutmeg. What a delicious recipe!

  3. Chad

    Who drinks tea tea? There is no need to place chai in front of tea. As chai is literally tea.

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  4. Daniel

    Oh, wow! Heavenly! A real treat! Yummy! Thank you!

    1. Coconut milk (dairy milk completely blocks the antioxidants from the tea and spices from being absorbed)–the Chai tasted just like dairy milk!
    2. Didn’t have Whole Allspice, so I searched and found that 6-7 whole berries = a heaping 1/4 tsp of Ground Allspice.
    3. Didn’t have Cardamom Pods, so I searched and found that each pod = 12 seeds.
    4. Didn’t have White Peppercorns, but I believe I remember being told, in cooking school, that White Peppercorns are just Black Peppercorns which have had the outer layer removed (looks better in a Veloute or other White Sauce ), so I happily used the Black Peppercorns I did have.

    Thank you!


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  5. Kelsey

    Delicious! Try with hot white chocolate!!


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