No ImageChai Ice Cream

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  1. Sandra

    This sounds amazing, I love chai tea! However, I do not own an ice cream maker, so how would I make this without one?

  2. Jen

    I finally got around to making this ice cream this weekend. It’s amazing! Its probably the best chai flavor i’ve ever had (most of my chai experiences come from teabags). It’s delicious and creamy and my house smelt fantastic while making it.

    I did substitute heavy cream with fat free half and half. I’m sure it loses a bit of the flavor but when you’re making icecream regularly, there is a limit :)

    I love the ice cream recipes on this site. I think next up is your chocolate!


  3. Simone

    I made this today and WOW!!! It is phenomenal!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  4. nina

    This recipe is perfect!

    I made it tonight and it tastes almost like caramel (but not too sweet). I think it’s worth it to procure the actual fresh spices as indicated.


  5. Chandra

    I made this yesterday – using fresh ginger instead of star anise, and decaf earl grey for the tea, which added a nice light citrus note. A great recipe that I can make caffeine-free!


  6. penandra

    I made this a few weeks ago (substituting the spices that I use for my masala chai) and using condensed milk instead of the sugar (seems to give a richer mouth feel to the finished product). It was superb (like eating a chai latte in a bowl). I used an assam tea (which is the same tea that I use for my masala chai). Delicious!

  7. RustyShackleford

    I’ve made this recipe several times, and it’s always been a big hit, but I add a little coriander, fennel, and rose water.

    It’s delicious either way, though.

  8. Smiles

    I’ve been eye-ing this recipe for a while and (finally) made it this weekend…it is like nothing else I’ve ever had– rich and incredibly creamy and the most beautiful color! The only modifications I made were that I used raw whole milk and cream and that I added about 4 slices of raw ginger to the milk and cream mixture. THANK YOU for sharing this recipe!

  9. Stephanie G.

    I made this using chai tea bags (I just tripled the number to make it strong enough) and it was just wonderful. It reminded me of chai and pumpkin, but very refreshing and unique. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. emily

    I would love to try this– I already have a lot of chai tea lying around. Can I use that somehow instead of buying all the spices?

    Yes, if you have the chai tea mixtures already, just use those. ~Elise

  11. Preyanka

    Yummmm! Interestingly, most Indians do not drink heavily spiced “masala chai” all the time. Most chai (which just means tea) consumed everyday is just tea and milk, and perhaps a bit of ginger. What Westerners call “chai” is actually called “masala chai” in India (which means “spiced tea”).

  12. Alanna Kellogg

    The ‘real’ reason to invest in an ice cream freezer is not to make ice cream, per se, but to make ice creams that just can’t be found elsewhere. Your chai ice cream is lovely — AK