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  1. Constance

    I made Cheesy Bread for a Euchre Tournament last night and everyone loved the bread. I added a bit more sour cream and mayo. It was YUMMY! I am making for another party next weekend. I might back off on how much of the mixture I put on the bread. It will still be good. Fewer calories.


  2. Beverly

    Mayonaise substitute ? I have found that I can use plain Ranch Dressing…or even Bacon Ranch Dressing, or Spicy Ranch Dressing in this recipe and any other similar recipe that calls for mayo.(I hate mayo, too) Just add a bit more cheese to thicken the liquidity of the dressing. Of course, this is changing the author’s original recipe…but it keeps mayo opposers happy !

  3. Maya

    Goodness. I partnered the bread with a roasted tomato and basil soup. This bread knocked the dinner out of the park. Thank you!!

  4. San

    Love this bread. I saute the garlic in the butter a little to mellow out the garlic taste. And it’s “freezable” the first time I just froze the cheese, then I made it on the bread and froze the whole thing. Ready to go in the oven in a moments notice.

  5. Sue

    My boyfriend hates mayonnaise. Can I use extra sour cream in it’s place?

  6. hinad

    this is very good in test. i tried it.

  7. pam

    i made this last week (gluten free white bread)
    so good.

    then i tried the olive also works as a spread dip.


  8. Purvis

    I made this today–it was PERFECT. The green onion and garlic really make it.

  9. barb

    A good accompaniment for my super bowl chili………………thanks. I just might add a bit of heat to some. Siracha could work maybe

  10. L Nelson

    This is the BEST cheesey bread. My mom and I used to make this 25 years ago. But we added chopped black olives.

  11. Val from PA

    Funny how time flies – I printed this recipe out in the fall of 2009 and finally got around to making it last night! Don’t know why it took me so long – I guess it’s just a case of so many recipes to try and so little time to try them…

    Anyway, it was delicious of course – the whole family loved it! I had a little bit of the cheese mixture leftover and ended up enjoying that for a late-night snack with some triscuits. I could, unfortunately, just eat the cheese mixture by the spoonful – it’s THAT good!


  12. DP

    Great recipe I do this one a lot and add crab on top when in season unreal flavor

  13. Noga Saeed

    I am so popular now because of this recipe…
    Everyone tries it should ask me about it…
    Regards from Saudi Arabia…

    Hello back atcha! ~Elise

  14. Melody

    Great!!! I chopped green onions in food processor. And used garlic powder instead of garlic. Whole family had a fit over it!

  15. Cris

    Definitely something to make again maybe with some variations, like the olives that someone mentioned… Yum!

  16. Syd

    I made this again today to go with ziti. Delicious as always! I usually just use the leftover spread for more bread, but got to thinking. Have any of you used it to flavor something else? I was tempted to add it to the scrambled eggs we had for dinner, but shied away. It’s such a strong flavor, I was afraid it would overpower the eggs. Suggestions?

    • SCV

      I have thrown the leftovers int the casserole dishes like bake zits and goulash (American style) or Italian type casseroles,and it worked.It gave the dish a nice flavor.

  17. Siemionko

    Easy, delicious, and a huge crowd pleaser. I used jalepeno cheddar bread from Smith’s/Kroger, and used more green onion than called for, and people have LOVED it. From Girl’s Night to a Friday potluck at work, I never have leftovers.

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