No ImageCherry Almond Granola with Vanilla Crumbles

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  1. Andrea Phillips

    I bought everything to make this but cannot find milk powder as it’s sold out everywhere. I really would like to make the vanilla crumbles. Any ideas for a substitution? Thank you!

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  2. Kay Moyers

    Hi…..I would really like to make this but oats are hard for my tummy to digest. What other options are available to use instead of the oats? Thanks!

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  3. Suzanne

    This turned out great. Unfortunately I thought I had milk powder, but did not, so I only made the granola itself. I love several things about this recipe: It does not use a lot of oil, it makes a reasonable amount but not 10 tons of granola :-), and it only takes about 20 minutes in the oven. My oven may have been a little bit off but I noticed the oats getting very brown around the 18 minute mark so I pulled it. Anyway the finished product is delicious, it’s not too sweet, and I can’t wait to take it to work this week for my breakfasts. Thanks!


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  4. Alicia

    For those of us who are severely lactose intolerant, what is the purpose for instant nonfat dry milk [powder]? I would think it could be omitted?

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  5. Summer

    Hi, Leslie — It’s 2 tablespoons. Sorry about that.

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