No ImageTomato Cucumber Feta Salad

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  1. estresu

    I love this salad but in my country (Uruguay) is difficult to get feta cheese always so when I do not get it I use other similar cheese but we eat it with red onion too, usually I eat it as a meal and we get fresh vegetables from the farmer´s market so grate recipe

  2. pammyg

    Thank you for this recipe, it was delicious. “Was” means I ate the whole bowl by myself throughout the day. :)

  3. susan

    I can’t stop making or eating this. It’s sooo good. I think I’ll try and turn it into a panzanella. Just for a little variation.

  4. Hank Shaw

    Funny, I do this recipe a lot — I love the feta and mint combination. Crumbling a little dried oregano in there works well, too. Oddly, it’s better with dried than fresh.

  5. midcendeb

    This is a “Greek” Greek salad rather than an “American” Greek salad and, in my opinion, a far better version. Where I live, on the west coast of Florida, the tradition is to put a dollop of potato salad on top of a Greek salad made mostly of iceburg lettuce. Trust me, it’s worth a trip to Greece (or to Elise’s garden) to get the real thing.

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