No ImageChia Pudding with Blueberries and Almonds

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  1. Mark

    Great recipe: and a fine, healthy snack and everyday desert. Not too sweet either, which I like. I’ve made this w/ whole milk and 2%. To my taste, the 2% works fine. I’ll grate some lemon into the next batch.


  2. Tiffany

    Hi Elise, thanks for posting this recipe, it looks great! I’ve never used chia seeds before. Does it need to be soaked before stirring with the almond milk & blueberries mixture?

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  3. Lisa

    This recipe has become a staple breakfast in our house! My daughter and I make it every Sunday and put it in individual Ball jars for the upcoming week. We add some granola and the almonds right before eating so they don’t lose their crunch. Love how it is made with almond milk so it is dairy-free!


  4. priyanka

    OMG, I love chia, I need to test this recipe!

  5. Kay

    I tried this recipe this weekend and was pleasantly surprised! I omitted the sweetener but the berries added a natural and delicate sweetness. Once I got used to the texture (a little gooier than pudding), it was great. Thanks for posting such a simple and useful recipe.


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