No ImageChicken and Apples in Honey Mustard Sauce

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  1. Jelena

    I altered the recipe using apple cider vinegar instead of cider, adding some more honey and omitting the broth. My husband and I love it, but my daughter won’t even take a bite :(


  2. Glenn Sullivan

    This is a staple in my house, but tonight I mixed it up… I used boneless pork chops instead of chicken, and completely forgot to add the chicken broth, but the resulting sauce was wonderfully thick, and it complimented the pork very well.

    But made according to the recipe is our usual method, which is ALSO a crowd pleaser. But use a big pan!

  3. Jason

    I have made this recipe numerous times and it is always delicious. However, there are a couple things I have changed on it. I usually add the apples in stages with the last addition just a couple minutes before cooking is complete. This gives you some nice texture variation on the apples. The other thing that I add is cashews, again added in stages with the apples. In my opinion the cashew addition takes this dish from good to outstanding.

  4. MKG

    I loved this recipe! I tend not to cook during the weekdays since I’m usually exhausted after work BUT this was so quick AND it was so delicious. I followed the recipe but just added a little more honey for my taste and some red pepper flakes to the sauce since I LOVE spicy food. My chicken came out so moist and flavorful. And the sauce was just perfect. I’ve been raving about this recipe, can’t wait to cook this for other people.

  5. Jani

    Elise, This is just one of many recipes I’ve found on your blog. I’m taking care of my 90+ year old parents and quickly ran out of recipes they’d enjoy. Simply Recipes saved me!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad your parents liked this one Jani!

  6. Bunni

    Made this for friends after skiing. It was a hit. I just doubled the cider mixture rather than using the chicken broth as suggested. wouldn’t change a thing. It was a hit and everyone asked for the recipe. Making again tonight for family, but I couldn’t find cider, so I will use apple juice with maybe a spritx of lemon juice.

  7. Nasdaq24

    Made this for dinner yesterday with changes….my son who is my worst critic and husband who loves it when I make a new dish devoured it all! Used orange juice instead of apple cider and chicken broth. Will be making this for a luncheon I am catering in two weeks. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  8. carol speranza

    Just got back from apple picking and buying apple cider , found this recipe, I used chicken thighs, used mcintosh, cooked down until apples were cooked thoroughly in sauce, was absolutely fabulous. Will serve this to company.

  9. george

    I have been making this recipe for a very long time and I could just say that it is one of my very very very favourite chicken recipes ever,ofcours thanks to Elise .and by the way can I use a mild Heinz burger mustard than the dijone?

  10. jill

    OK, scratch my former comment about needing to add flour to thicken the sauce because I added a little extra liquid (wine). I just realized that instead of using corn starch in the recipe, I used powered sugar!! No WONDER it wouldn’t thicken up! At least it was a sweet sauce to start out with so the sugar didn’t mess up the flavor. LOL!

    Oh my! Glad it still worked out, even with the sugar. ~Elise

  11. jill

    I had an open bottle of Savingnon Blanc, so I added about a 1/3 cup to the sauce before adding it to the pan. Yum! Because of the extra liquid, at the end I took out the chicken, added a bit more flour and boiled it for a couple minutes to thicken the sauce.

    Great recipe, Elise! Simply Recipes is my go-to spot for ‘what to make for dinner’

  12. Christina Szirmai

    I just made this recipe and enjoyed it immensely. I used Whole Grain Garlic mustard instead of dijon (I ran out) and it turned out wonderfully. There were whole mustard seeds in the sauce that added a nice texture and visual element. I served it up with brown rice cooked in a mixture of chicken broth and apple cider that also added some wonderful flavor. Thank you for this recipe!

  13. Elis eLafosse

    This recipe saved me this week in West Hartford, CT where we were hit badly by an early snow storm which took down power lines everywhere. We did not have power, but since we have a gas stove, I could cook this on the cook top. I went to the library to print this recipe specifically knowing this, as my other chicken recipe I was planning to make had to go in the oven which I could not get lit because you have to start it electrically. And this recipe was easy and delicious, perfect for us contending with this horrible storm! Thank you thank you. We did manage to buy a generator and install it yesterday so at least we have power now, though without the generator, we still are without power here!!!! I am making it again next week because it was so good and easy too. Best, Elise

  14. vmp

    I made the the chicken with apples and honey must sauce – it was wonderful – I served it with Cauliflower/Mashed Potatoes – a real hit…

  15. John

    It sounded good, I inventoried and had everything except the apple cider. Drat. I used orange juice with a few shakes of ground ginger, served it over Jasmine rice, and it was great! I skimped on the chicken broth as all I had was canned (blah), and increased the juice/dijon/honey/ginger mixture. The small hint of ginger really made my orange “cider” a good match for the Daisy Girl apples that were on hand.

    I will definitely make this dish again, and may even use the orange “cider”. Exercise care adding ginger, too much would be a shame as it would cover up the delicate flavors in this dish.

  16. Annu Sahay

    I wonder if we can replace apple with any other fruit. The presentation as usual is very nice. I am yet to try this at home – looks yummy!!

  17. Suzanne

    Perfect meal for a chilly autumn evening! Didn’t have cider on hand so substituted hard cider instead- also threw in a few roasted garlic cloves.

  18. Jennifer

    To Melanie – yes I think this would be great with pork. I think you may just need to adjust the browning and cooking times depending how you enjoy your chops. I browned my chicken for a bit longer yet, the cooking time was perfect on thick chicken breasts I used.

    Your idea sounds great. I think I will try it.

  19. Melanie

    What a great looking recipe, I can’t wait to try it! One quick question to those who have made it already, do you think it would translate ok to pork? I have some center cut chops waiting to be cooked, and thought this might be a nice option. It seems like it would work, but thought I would pose the question and get your thoughts.

    Either way I will try it and report back results.

    Thanks as always for great recipes!

  20. Jennifer

    Very nice. Simple recipe, quick and tasty. Mild yet very pleasing. I doubled the sauce ingredients and used a Koops Horseradish brown mustard. I used fuji and empire apples. Next time I will use fuji only (more crisp, as was recommended).

  21. Diana

    I have made this a few times since your original post with great results every time.

  22. jeroen de haan

    Kids liked it, I loved it! Great fast recipe

  23. Cathouse Blues

    Some variation of this is a house favorite; if the sauce is running a bit sweet due to the cider I add a splash of dry vermouth.

  24. Three-Cookies

    Very unique. I have seen pork and apples but never chicken and apples. I wonder whether there is any specific reason for chicken and apples being not so common – usually there is.

    Chicken and apples is a French classic in chicken Normandy. ~Elise

  25. Marie Poulin

    Simple and very tasty.
    Thanks for the recipe

  26. Anju

    I made this recipe a few weeks ago but, in my usual rushed style, didn’t read the instructions properly. So instead of step 4 (adding the chicken broth and simmering for 15 minutes), I added the cider mixture (of which I’d made double portions) and let that simmer with the chicken. Lo and behold, the resulting dish was amazing! The gravy was sweet and thick and the chicken had the most amazing fragrance. I’m going to be cooking this recipe ‘wrong’ from now on. I love happy accidents!

    Great idea Anju, thanks! ~Elise

  27. Kim

    I sautéed some onion and added to the apples while cooking the chicken. I used Jonagold apples. I served this with steamed carrots with butter and brown sugar and pecans. Yum!

  28. Ky

    I ate this tonight and thought it was so-so until my last bite when I had the chicken and apple together. Yum!

    I did make some substitutions because I didn’t have all of the ingredients on-hand. I used unsweetened cranberry-pomegranate juice instead of apple cider and I used Dijon mustard instead of plain. I used one cameo apple as that was all I had.

    A quick and easy meal that I will definitely be making again.

  29. Jen

    This was sooo good. I used granny smith apples, which ended up a little mushy, but were still very tasty with the chicken. My husband thought it was a little too sweet, but it was right up my alley! I loved the sauce- there was a comment about it being bland, but I used dijon mustard, which adds a little spice, and I think you also have to add enough salt & pepper.

  30. Ken D

    I was bored with the usual chicken. I tried this last night and we loved it. Simple to make. One Pan Cooking is great. I tried it with Djoin mustard(our usual)and it was good.

  31. Kacy

    We just made this for dinner tonight and will definitely be making it again! The only thing I’ll do differently next time is leave out the breadcrumbs. For me it didn’t add anything, and in fact left mushy lumps in the sauce.
    I think this would also work beautifully with boneless butterflied pork chops!

  32. Matthew

    This was just lovely. So simple too!

    Regards from the UK. Keep up the good work!

  33. sasha

    I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was moist, but the flavor was very mild, I wish it had a bit more pop to it. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t use seasoned breadcrumbs. I just added salt and pepper to the crumbs. Perhaps it’s because I expected the granny smiths to have more texture. They were just apple mush after only simmering for 10 min.

    When it’s all said and done, I don’t know that I’d make this again.

  34. Little Judy

    This was delicious! I used Granny Smith apples, which added just the right tartness to balance the sauce.

    Loved it so much I blogged about it here.

  35. Darci

    Amazing recipe! My husband said that it was his favorite chicken dish that I have ever made! The sweetness of the honey and apples along with the mustard were wonderful! I didn’t change a thing about the recipe and it turned out wonderful! I will definitely be passing this along to friends and family to try!

  36. Michelle

    I made this last night, and initially I found the sauce too sweet. However, I added about 1/4 c of Guinness and a few drops of basalmic, and it gave it just the right amount of bitterness to counter the sweetness. I made skillet potatoes (if you have a farmers market look for german butterballs, they are my new favorite variety) and green beans for sides, it was great! The recipe was very easy to split in half.

  37. mimsie

    Just wanted to pop by and say this was an absolute hit with my boyfriend and his roommate. Also in the UK and used Bramleys with success. I served it with white rice (sticky not Basmati) and it was so good I licked the sauce off the plate!

  38. Jane

    I just made this, and had to comment, because it was really delicious. I served it with mashed sweet potatoes and sugarsnap peas.

    I used large Bramley cooking apples (readily available here in the UK, but not listed on your chart so I don’t know if you guys get them over there….. these are really apple-y apples, way too tart to eat raw, and fairly large too). I added a spoonful of creme fraiche to the sauce once it had thickened up… it went very well with the other flavours.

    Thanks for another great recipe Elise!

  39. Lisa

    I made this last night and thought it came out great. The taste really came together at the end. Definitely will become one that I make again, great during the week dinner. Simple and quick.

  40. Elise

    Hello Becca – You didn’t by any chance use red delicious apples did you? If so, that might be the problem. They aren’t the best cooking apples. Your comment has prompted me to add a note about cooking apples to the recipe.

  41. Becca

    I was unsure of whether I was supposed to add the sauce to the chicken broth (after I took the chicken and apples out of it) or if I was supposed to discard the chicken broth and cook the sauce by itself. I did the former option and I was disappointed by the dinner. The chicken was very plain, although tender and moist. It needed a lot of the sauce to taste good at all. The apples were INCREDIBLY squishy…it was not good and they tasted funny after simmering in the chicken broth. All in all, it was way too much work with not a good enough result.

  42. Geoff


    This was great, surprisingly moist and scrumptious. I was without Apple Cider, so substituted 1/2 cup of Apple juice with two tsps of apple cider vinegar (don’t ask why!). I would probably double up on the dijon next time, but all in all it was a wonderful dish – served along side your brussel sprouts with fried onion and toasted almonds, my guests were suitably impressed!

    Hi Geoff, I agree with you on the mustard and have increased the amount in the ingredient list since first posting the recipe. ~Elise

  43. hj

    Here’s the sauce I prefer. From GH or BHG years ago:

    1T olive oil
    1 T flour
    1 T pepper
    1lb chicken cut to 1 inch
    (I think the above might be better w/ the bread crumbs in this recipe though)

    1 medium onion chopped
    14 oz chicken broth
    2 T dijon mustard whisked w/ 2T honey

    Chicken cooked in skillet 4-6 mins, removed. Add onion cook 3-4 mins remove. Cook broth on high 6-8 mins or until it thickens slightly. Whisk in mustard sauce. Return chicken and onion and cook through. Really saucy so it is good over rice or noodles.

  44. HJ

    Didn’t like this at all. Used Granny Smith Apples and nobody liked them. Chicken is okay but I have made similar recipes with a tastier honey mustard sauce.

  45. Chris

    I was looking for a mustard and honey sauce and found this, all i can say the sauce is realy good :D

  46. George

    Just tried it – really loved the chicken. It was moist and delicious. I used 1 pink lady apple for 2 chicken breasts. Turned out great.

  47. Mikey

    Well I have to say this is one of the tastiest things I have ever cooked. I prepared this dish with granny smith apples (recommended be Elise) and they worked out great. I followed it up with a side of Green Beans with Almonds and Thyme which was amazing. I was planning on having some rice along with this meal but I forgot to put the lid on the pot after the water evaporated and..well.. no rice tonight. I’m a 22yr old college student just looking for easy but tasty recipes and this definitely fit the bill. Thanks!

  48. Pink Sun Drops

    An extremely nice change from your normal Italian or comfort styles of chicken. And very very good – now a requested family favorite! I did change one thing. As I did not have apple cider on hand I went with a different dressing to mix in with the broth – it had 1/2 c. mayo, 2 tsp. mustard, 2 tblsp. honey, 1 tblsp. lemon juice mixed together. Did the same as I would’ve with the dressing called for and mixed it in with the broth after the chicken and apples were removed and thickened it up a little bit. The apples added a delicious touch. Thanks Elise for this recipe! Oh also I used organic Braeburn I believe and they were perfect.

  49. bigBess

    Tried this a couple days ago with Fujis. The apples were so-so, but I really liked how quickly this all came together. An easy, tasty dish!

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