No ImageChicken and Dumplings

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  1. Ingrid

    This is still my absolute ‘go to’ recipe – either the full chicken dumpling dish, or when I need a reliable dumpling recipe for other dishes. Absolutely delicious and true comfort food. Thank you for putting this out there…it’s one of my favourites!!!


  2. Gloria

    The flavor is really good in this dish and the directions are easy to follow. The only adjustment I would make to the recipe is to half the dumpling portion. It takes up a lot of volume and while they turned out perfectly, in the end, you have more dumpling than soup (although maybe that’s the intention). I’m a big fan of soup though so I suppose I am biased. The best if you can eat it in one sitting as well.


  3. Randi

    Spend a couple of hours making this according to the directions. The stew turned out good, however the biscuits were wierd, crumbly and tasted like straight flour. So I scraped them out and threw some prepackaged dough on top. That wasn’t good either. I think I’ll keep the base for the stew and just work on finding a good dumpling recipe.


  4. Amy

    My kids and my husband loved it! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Jordan

    Turned out way too sweet due to the carrots. Not savory at all.


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