No ImageChicken Apple Arugula Goat Cheese Salad

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  1. Susana

    Delicious recipe. I did not have some of the ingredients so replaced some, and it still tasted great:

    – Used small reddish apples (Limbertwig)
    – Raw mixed nuts, toasted on a pan
    – Round lettuce (british lettuce)
    – White onion, which I finished with a few spoons of balsamic vinegar and a dash of honey on the pan.
    – Added a teaspoon of honey to the vinagrette


  2. Janine

    Dried cranberries! Now that I am eating this salad and reading the comments, I think that this sounds like a perfect addition. And I just bought some the other day so I will add them tomorrow when I make this salad for lunch again.
    I had been eyeing this salad on your website for some time. Always on the hunt for a healthly and quick lunch that I can take to work I finally printed the recipe and tried it. I actually also made your spicy zucchini soup and am eating both of these wonderful dishes today. I used Queso Fresco instead of goat cheese knowing that goat cheese is pretty rich in calories. I added some more spices to the chicken to make it a bit more flavorful – paprika and cayenne pepper. The salad is better that I thought it would be – all the incredients come together nicely making this a flavorful, light but filling dish.

  3. Cristina

    This salad is super delicious! My husband and I couldn’t get enough of it! The goat cheese is a very good compliment to it!

  4. Terry

    I love this! I eat it at least once a week. I sometimes add dried cranberries too. Great salad…thanks!

  5. valerie

    I usually use either baby arugula or a 50/50 mix of arugula and mesclun. Also, red grapes and dried cranberries are good additions to this salad; and a good botttled balsamic viniagrette can substitute for homemade dressing in a pinch.

    I’ve been eating/serving variations on this salad for years, and people always seem to love the combination of flavors. It’s just as good without the chicken — as a side or for a vegetarian meal.

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