No ImageChicken Curry Salad

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  1. Danette

    This was scrumptious! I’ve had curry salads from deli’s that seem to sit with me for too long, but this is light and not overpowering. I used sweet red apples that added an alternative flavor to the curry. The red apple skin also gave the salad a nice color. Great to make the primary ingredients ahead of time .


  2. Laurie Hildebrandt

    Another variation: pineapple chunks (instead of apple), celery and sliced almonds. I always use leftover roasted chicken so have never “cooked” the curry. I will have to do that and sauté the onions, too (always used green onions instead of the yellow onion). I use some mayonnaise, with pineapple juice and Dijon mustard, to bind it together.
    I am an Elise groupie and rely on her for many, many recipes! Thank you, Elise!

  3. Claudia Kent

    Delicious. I’ve made it twice this week already. Once for company on July 4th and then again for lunches.


  4. Jana

    Another alternate to cilantro: fresh basil. Sounds weird, but try it. Basil turns up in Thai and other Asian dishes.

  5. carol schluntz


    After many, many times of viewing your website, I finally made one of the receipes, Curry Chicken Salad. Yummm, this is definitely a keeper. Maybe I’ll go a bit lighter on the raisins, but not the cilantro! What a perfect touch for the salad! We love it.


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