No ImageSalsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

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  1. Daisy

    This salsa was so bomb! AND the enchiladas were great too


  2. Bebe

    I love these and am happy to have a new recipe. Bottled sauce will be my choice because I am not able to stand in the kitchen as long as I did in the past. A Mexican relative-by-marriage once taught me her technique for making regular enchiladas. She dipped each tortilla in the hot oil for a few seconds, let excess fat drip off, then slipped them into slightly diluted sauce (in her case, red sauce) for a second, then on to the baking dish for filling and rollup. It was important to not crisp the tortilla lest it crack in the rollup. The oil also kept the enchiladas from sticking to the baking dish. It also kept the tortilla from absorbing the sauce during that dip.

    She topped hers with sauce and grated Jack cheese. And yes, sour cream at serving is a must for the salsa verde enchiladas.

    Haven’t made for a while. This post spurred me to make some soon… Thank you, Elise…

  3. Jessica

    I made this tonight and it was fantastic! Thanks!


  4. Nik

    Surprisingly simple and delicious

  5. Debbie McCarrick

    Elise, this was a wonderful recipe. Simple, yet tasted delicious. I went out and picked tomatillos from my garden and dinner was ready in no time. Next time I am going to try to use less oil for the tortillas so I can keep the calorie count under 200 each per enchilada. My son enjoyed them too! Thanks for a winning recipe to put in my arsenal!

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