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  1. Kelly K

    Super simple and delicious. Love the flavor. We make this about every few weeks.


  2. CBRIS

    Why not just slice your chicken into strips before marinating? That way the marinade touches more meat surface.

  3. Peter M.

    Why wipe off the marinade from the meat before cooking? I would think that whatever marinade adheres to the chicken would just add to the flavor of the final product.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Peter, we wipe off most of the marinade, not all of it. Much of the marinade is cilantro which will just burn when you sear the meat. Also, the wetter the meat, the more it will splatter when you go to sear it. But if you want to keep the marinade on, go for it!

  4. Kay

    These are really amazing! Just like having fajitas at a Mexican restaurant.

  5. Amy E.

    Made these tonight. Omg so freakin delicious!!! Thanks for posting!!

  6. Lisa Bunning

    Just finished eating these. Very good. I was going to add the spices to the peppers and onions but you don’t need to. Quick and delicious dinner!

  7. Seana Nightingale

    I made this….I grilled the chicken on the BBC and cooked the onions/peppers in a cast iron skillet. It was the BEST fajitas I’ve ever made!!! Thank you, this recipe is a keeper!

  8. Kasey

    Hi Elise, is it okay to marinade the chicken for longer than overnight?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Kasey, you can marinate it for up to 24 hours, but I wouldn’t go past that. The lime juice in the marinade will start to “cook” the meat.

  9. Allison Grubbs

    You say to use a high smoke point oil. Will Ghee work?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Allison, yes, though it may impart a rather different flavor than the one you are looking for with chicken fajitas.

  10. penni

    Did a little short cut. Used shredded left over chicken. Added marinade ingredients to shredded chicken and let it soak while peppers and onion got a nice char, then added chicken with marinade to the pan with peppers and heated through. Yummy and quick.

  11. Elise Hannon

    Soooo yummy!!! I doubled the marinade and marinated the onions and peppers as well as the chicken (separately) for 8 hours. The cooked them in a frying pan. Served with homemade guacamole and sour cream with yellow rice. Can’t wait to make it again!

  12. Charlene Varry

    Made this tonight. Didn’t have the green peppers but did have everything else. Wonderful. Next time I’ll add the peppers. YUM.


  13. Sam

    Tried this tonight, it was great! I added a little lemongrass and coriander to the marinade and it turned out great.

  14. rochelle

    simply PERFECTION!!!! I’ve made these a handful of times and had others try the recipe after my raving. Two thumbs up!!

  15. Jaimie Wagner

    This recipe was so delicious! Absolutely love the marinade for the chicken it was juicy and full of flavor. I used the leftovers for quesadillas!

  16. pongman

    5th. time making this and also Elise’s mother’s Spanish rice. A great Saturday favorite. Thankyou!

  17. Victor Granados

    Just made these with some chicken breasts I found while cleaning the deep freezer. Followed the recipe for the most part, substituted the jalapeno for serano Chile’s to add an extra kick (they will most likely not be eaten)

  18. Lisa

    These were delicious and so easy…thanks for posting!


  19. Jessica

    Can I use a stovetop grill pan instead of a cast iron pan?

  20. Stix

    These turned out great! The only problem I can find (or, alteration I made you could say), was that it wasn’t near spicy enough, so I added additional chilli peppers to it to spice it up a little!

    Otherwise, fantastic recipe! Loved it!

  21. Phyllis Niper

    I don’t have a cast Iron pan can I make it in a non stick frying pan instead or do I have to purchase a cast iron pan ?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Phyllis, cast iron pans work the best because they can take the searing high heat without warping. A hard anodized aluminum pan will work as well. A regular non-stick frying pan may warp when you put it on such high heat. That said, if that’s what you have, that’s what you have. You just may not be able to get as good of a sear with that pan. I do recommend picking up a cast iron pan if you can. You can sometimes find them at second hand stores for only a few dollars.

  22. susan

    Loved this recipe. I used chicken tenderloins since that’s all I had. I didn’t have any jalapeno but used crushed red peppers instead. Will try this recipe again with less oil though. I’ll use 1.5 TBSP oil.

  23. Susan

    This was a fabulous recipe, even picky grandpa ate a whole one.And didn’t complain one bit and he complains about everything. We cooked 4 1/2 pounds of chicken

  24. Grammy

    Loved these fajitas, they were incredible.follow the recipe except I add extra clove of garlic,love garlic. The lettuce with vinegar add a extra tang to it,you didn’t say what type of vinegar, I used regular vinegar and red wine, perfect balance,my daughter and grandson loved them,we do tacos Tuesday every week this is now part of our rotation.

  25. Amber

    Trying this recipe tonight and have a question. Do you discard the marinade after marinating the chicken, or do you cook it down to create a sauce to pour over the chicken and veggies?


    The best fajita recipe ever! My family loves this and it is so easy to make.

  27. Paulette

    Although this serves four, my husband and I ate nearly all of it, it was so good! I have never been able to make good fajitas before. Your detailed instructions helped me to make some of the best fajitas I’ve ever tasted! Thank you so much!

  28. Jennifer

    I’ve been trying various recipes for Fajitas but they have all left me flat until this one! It is just perfect and really delivers that restaurant quality fajitas vibe. Excellent! Thank you!

  29. David J.

    The Best!!
    I do prefer boneless skinless thighs vice breast meat..

  30. Kristi

    I made this tonight. It was the best fajita marinade I have ever made!!

  31. Ariel

    Made this tonight and my boyfriend said it was “fire”, which means incredible to him! It was so simple and delicious. Stacking the chicken to rest in tin foil is genius. We are definitely adding this to our weekly rotation!!

  32. Cintia L.

    Hello, this recipe looks awesome on pinterest, and I finally tried it. I have to say, the marinade is simple yet delicious. The chicken was very moisten and tasty thanks to the instruction to let it cook UNDISTURBED for 2-3 minutes, and also to stack them while resting.
    Unfortunately, my onions were a little overcooked. Next time, I’ll add the onions after the peppers begin to cook.
    Great recipe. Thank you!

  33. Lauren

    Hello! I made this before and it was delicious–thank you! I want to make it again for company. I developed quite a bit of smoke in the house when I made it. Do you think I could make it ahead of time and keep it warm in a crockpot? Would that change the flavor/texture and dry it out? Thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lauren, you do risk the chicken drying out if you keep it warm in a crockpot.

  34. Melissa

    Hi how are you was just wondering does this come out spicy? I’d like to make it tonite buy cannot eat anything spicy…thanks

    • Elise

      Hi Melissa, just leave out (or greatly reduce) the chili powder and the jalapeno and you’ll be fine.

  35. Lisette

    I want to try this recipe but can I omit the chili powder and jalapeno? My husband reacts to some spicy stuff but he loves fajitas..

    • Elise

      Hi Lisette, sure, you can make it without the chili powder and jalapeno. You might want to double up on the cumin if you do so.

  36. Scott

    Not sure what I did wrong, but I nearly burned the house down. I used a cast iron skillet on high with canola oil. But the smoke was horrible and the pan caught on fire.

    • Elise

      Sounds like you let the pan and oil get too hot.

  37. Tracy Fletcher

    This recipe is awesome and very easy to make! My family said it was as good as our favorite Mexican restaurant.

  38. Jennifer

    Who needs a recipe for chicken fajitas? I sure thought I didn’t.

    I only looked up ‘chicken fajitas’ online to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, prior to going to the store. I saw this recipe, looked it over, and was intrigued by the marinade – I hadn’t thought to do that before. So i ended up following this recipe verbatim, and they were to die for! I will never make chicken fajitas any other way.

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe!

  39. Lisa

    What do you think about freezing the chicken in the marinade for easier meal later in the week?

    • Elise

      You mean freezing the raw chicken in the marinade? Good idea!

  40. Gabriela Amezcua

    Finger licking good!!! Whole family enjoyed. Thx!!!

  41. Cindy Harris

    A wonderful restaurant in my hometown serves lamb fajitas with grilled onions and tomatoes – no bell pepper. You might try that.
    Also, I have found that if I limit the bell peppers to red only, the flavor is not as strong as when the green are included and I enjoy the mixture of flavors much more. I completely understand not liking the bell peppers since the green ones tend to make everything else taste like green peppers!

  42. Regina Richardson

    I didn’t see where I could add stars but it’s five big bright stars from me. I’m happy that I chose your chicken fajitas recipe to make. My finicky fiancee, who rarely comments on anything, that I cook for him, though always choose recipes with 4 & 1/2 – 5 stars, said twice how much he loved these. I’ll be hanging onto your recipe and making this again and again.


    • Elise

      Hi Regina,
      I’m so glad you and your fiancée like the fajitas!

  43. Angela

    Can the raw ingredients be frozen separately and combined to cook after thawing? I’m making freezer meals for a friend.

    • Elise

      Hi Angela, yes you should be able to freeze the ingredients separately, then defrost and cook.

  44. Bob

    Holy crap, i can’t believe how well these turned out. Had no cumin, so used cayenne, and dried flakes instead of fresh jalapeno, did not have cilantro either. I will never buy a boxed kit or seasoning pack again

  45. crystal


  46. Gail

    Delicious! Excellent recipe. I am trying steak next time. Thanks.

  47. Jess

    This is an amazing marinade!!! It’s by far the best we’ve come across and one that we utilize nearly every week. We use the chicken in burrito bowls with black beans, lettuce, cheese and other various toppings and it always results in a delicious meal. Thank you for this gem!!

  48. Rizza Frankenberger

    Hi.. I would definitely try this recipe. However, limes here in the Philippines are quite rare or in season only so instead of lime can i use lemon for the marinade? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Elise

      Hi Rizza, sure you can use lemon instead!

      • Riz

        Hi elise thank you for your reply. Are there also any alternative for cilantro? Or can it be optional for the marinade? Thanks alot!

        • Elise

          Hi Riz, you can just leave out the cilantro if you want. Many people don’t like cilantro and it’s easy enough to omit.

  49. Kostagh

    You might care to try mushrooms, cucumbers or zuchinis… or even potato cut as for french fries, thin and long. Though… I personally LOVE peppers! The flavor of long pimiento peppers is particularly excellent with this dish! Mmmm! Glorious!

  50. peggy

    We were looking for a last minute recipe, made the marinade then realized we didn’t have the vegeys or the tortillas!!!! We ended up marinating the chicken anyway and my husband barbequed them on the Weber! Wow, delicious. Next time we will be prepared for the whole recipe!

  51. Robin

    What a wonderful cook you are. God bless you for contributing such very excellent food. Thank you.

  52. Stacey Christo

    This marinade is amazing! I made it twice so far for fajitas but you can eat this chicken by itself it’s so delicious! I ate half a chicken breast just while I was slicing for the fajitas
    Thank you so much for a keeper recipe

  53. Sherry

    Came out gr8

  54. Tracy Marsden

    I made this recipe last night. The only thing I changed was I used pork because I had a lot on hand. Holy cow this is the best fajitas I have ever tasted!!! I grilled the meat and vegies. The marinade was superb!! Best of all my 3 year old granddaughter who is super picky about meat and one and a half fajitas!! She had them with the vegies and all. I have been told by my family I need to make these at least twice a month if not more!!! Thanks so much Elise!!!

    • Elise

      Hi Tracy, I’m so glad you liked them!!

  55. Shirley

    I made this for dinner tonight and they were awesome! Although I didn’t marinade the chicken, they came out great. I just put in the ingredients that was said for marinating them and they were fantastic. When you 19 year old son says that they’re so good that he didn’t want to quite eating them but, he had to because he was so full. My husband loved them as well. So I’d say it’s a “winner,winner chicken dinner.” Ha ha Then only reason I didn’t marinate the chicken is that I ran out of time to do so after coming home from the grocery store. But hey, they were still fantastic, simple and fast to make. Will be making this again for sure.

    • Shirley

      I guess I should have proof read my comment wa….y better. ;) I also wanted to add that I used avocado oil instead. I followed the recipe by just adding all the ingredients that were listed.
      Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. I was a great meal and was so happy that my guys loved it so much.

      • Elise

        You’re welcome Shirley! I’m delighted that the recipe was such a hit with your family. :-)

  56. Marl

    Corn ‘fajitas’ work as well…..great marinade, thanks….

  57. Maggie

    Looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it. Does anyone know if I can use a cast iron pan on a glass cooktop? I only have stainless steel pans. Thanks in advance.

    • Elise

      Hi Maggie, most glass tops I know about do not allow you to use cast iron pans. To be safe, in your situation I would use your stainless steel.

      • Liz

        I have a glass flat cook top, which I usually love gas, but my new house already had a new stove on it…iv used it for 6 years…I use my 8 qt Dutch oven pot
        And also my 15 inch Dutch oven skillet. Never had probs..just be careful not to bang it around while on the stove top….but mines been fine for me!

  58. Marilyn

    It came out really well. It’s a keeper.

  59. Jeet Bains

    Absolutely delicious recipe, it actually turned out better than a lot of stuff that I’ve seen in cookbooks. I’m not a fan of bell peppers, but I like some of your other recommendations. Thanks for sharing as always.

  60. Becky

    Just came across this recipe and it was absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing, will definitely make again!

  61. Coline

    This fajita recipe is FANTASTIC! So authentic and better than any restaurant. Because I don’t like too much heat an prefer a milder taste, I substituted the jalapenos with pablanos. Paired the dish with a homemade salsa and Mexican rice. Thanks for this recipe!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Coline!

  62. June

    Thanks for this recipe. Had them this evening and they were great. All the other recipes were too heavy on the cumin and chili powder. I may even cut it back a little bit. Is there an easier way to wipe the marinade off the chicken?

  63. Xander

    I made this tonight and my partner went crazy over it. In the two years we’ve been together this is one of a handful of recipes that he’s demanded be put into rotation after one bite. When I made it, I sliced a jalapeño in with the peppers and onion (we like the heat) then squeezed the juice of a lime over the veggies to add a little flavor to them before searing. I sliced the chicken then threw it back in my 12-inch skillet to serve with only tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, and a bottle of wine and everything was fantastic. It was so quick and easy to throw together I will definitely be using it as a go-to. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Elise

      Hi Xander, I’m so glad you and your partner liked it!

  64. Deebi27

    I found this on Pinterest days ago and made it tonight. It was awesome! My husband said, it drives him crazy when I am gathering ingredients, but when I go a cooking a dinner like this, it makes the time in the grocery store SOOO worth it! Next time I will try your beef fajitas!! Thank you for a winning dish for dinner!!!

  65. Susan

    Wow are these good! My 16 y/o son loved them! Living in Houston, we eat a lot of Mexican food. These are right up there with some of the best fajitas we’ve had. Love the marinade.

  66. Bekah

    Is it necessary to have a cast-iron skillet? I, sadly, do not have one. What can be used in its place?

    • Elise

      You need a pan that can get very hot without getting damaged. Cast iron is best. You can also use hard anodized aluminum which can handle the heat and are also relatively stick-free.

      • Kostagh

        I’d recomend a stainless steel skillet instead. I’ve been using one with great results. However, I do obtain best results using a cast iron skillet. I hate aluminium cookware and NEVER use them. They also say that aluminium may be involved in Alzheimers so…. I prefer not to take chances.

        • Elise

          Hello Kostagh, “hard anodized aluminum” is not the same as regular aluminum. The aluminium is bound and non-reactive, so anodized aluminum pans are perfectly safe to use, and they have the added bonus of being relatively stick-free and able to take very high heat. I agree about regular old aluminum pans. We threw ours out years ago.

  67. Kelby

    Just tried the recipe for the first time it was great. My wife said it was better than chili’s. I will be fixing these again.

  68. Eva

    I love this recipe! The marinade for chicken is the best! :)

  69. Crystal

    I’m not a fan of cilantro I’m not sure if that makes the dish or not. I didn’t add any and I feel that the chicken tastes bland is there something else I could of used?

    • Elise

      Pickled red onions will perk it up. You can make quick pickles yourself by thinly slicing red onions and covering them in a solution of half seasoned rice vinegar and half water. Let sit for several hours or chill for up to a week.

  70. Alessandra

    Just to let you know. I have made this Fajitas several times and you are right, quick and great! Everyone loves them. Just one thing, and this is for everyone’s health. Canola Oil doesn’t reach a high smoking point, actually among the ones you have mentioned as high heat resistent ones, Canola has indeed the lowest smoking point. Fun enough, the highest smoking point vegetable oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Smoking point for EVOO is 220°Celsius, Canola reaches 160°. Friying temperatures should be 180°, you do the calculation. Also, when Oil starts to smoke IT HAS reached that point already. This story has been perpetrated for years, A “scientific study” and I use this word loosely, in the late 60es said that Canola Oil was better than any other oil for cooking, this study was promoted by the Canola oil’s producers to defend their maket niche. Do not believe me, search it out.
    Thank you anyway for the great recipes, they are WINNER!

  71. Laura

    I made these tonight and they were a hit with my whole family, ages 1-38. Even the “spice” averse kids loved the marinated chicken (I omitted the jalapeño), and my husband said this is only chicken he’s every really LOVED.

    Thank you so much! This is going in my regular rotation for sure!

  72. Ali

    Restaurant quality fajitas if not better!

  73. Cinn Jenn

    DELICIOUS!! My family threatened me that I better not ever lose this recipe. Thanks for posting it. YUM!

  74. AK

    The fajitas are very good from this recipe. What authentic toppings might also be served with fajitas? I like homemade HOT salsa, sour cream (or plain yogurt), and guacamole. Any other suggestions?

    • Elise

      Thinly sliced radishes, a side of jicama salad, crema fresca (Mexican sour cream) come to mind.

  75. Maili

    These fajitas are absolutely delicious. I didn’t even marinate them as long as listed (I didn’t read the recipe beforehand) so they got about a half hour, but it still turned out amazing. And so simple!

  76. Stacey

    Made the recipe exactly as written, so so good ! It’s a keeper

  77. Lora

    Hands down the best fajitas I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a LOT of fajitas….

  78. Matt

    These were excellent. They are easy to prep and go together very quickly. I love the simple marinade and technique. My wife said they were the best she’s had.
    I grew up with and have always used stainless steel cookware. I am now in mid-life and have spent the past year or so feeling cheated that I just now am learning the wonders of cast iron. You can’t make fajitas properly without it.

  79. Jane H

    Years ago, I spent the summer in Santa Fe. The friend I was staying with found a fajita marinade recipe that was associated with Mark Miller’s Coyote Cafe. It was incredible, and I have tried to replicate it for 20 years now.

    It had red wine (or red wine vinegar?), worcestershire sauce, lime juice, peppercorns, garlic…and I have no idea what else, but it was sooo good it changed my life!

    That being said, the inclusion of lime juice in your marinade takes on the role of the acidic…which we love! We grill our meat and veggies (in a grill pan) and the flavor is incredible.

    Thanks for the alternative! And if anyone knows of that Mark Miller recipe….please share!

  80. gh

    Wife quote “Those are some of the best fajitas I have ever had, and I am full but I am going to have another one.”

  81. Ann

    Delicious!! What a great recipe
    Best Chicken Fajitas I’ve ever made


  82. Kathy

    I’m going to make these for our annual softball party but I want to play ball! Can I grill the meat ahead of time and let it sit a few hours? Or is everything best done at the last minute?

    • Elise

      Fajitas are best made right before serving. They should be served sizzling.

  83. chi

    I made this yesterday but experimented with a romaine lettuce wrap for myself. It’s was so good, my friend who is a picky eater, literally scraped the plate. A definite winner!

  84. fabiola

    I absolutely love the dish at the end of the post,and the photo for that matter too! Where did you get it? It makes me want the fajitas so bad! I love making them when time is a factor, and they are healthy too. Thanks for the reminder.

    The fajita serving plate? Oddly I found it at World Market. ~Elise

  85. Ravi

    Great recipe! To Aria, who hates peppers, try zucchini and yellow squash cut in long strips, about same size as french fries. They are great when grilled or pan seared!

  86. Hope J.

    I tried this a few days ago and it was just amazing! I shared some with my daughter, who heated it at work, and the staff all had to taste it. I am now making it again – for my granddaughters and myself. Thank you so much – the marinade is wonderful – and the chicken turns out so moist and tender. Awesome!!!

  87. Jen

    I tried these fajitas tonight and everybody loved them! Very easy to make and I prepared everything on the grill outside. The chicken had so much flavor. This is my new favorite marinade for chicken. This marinade is great for serving grilled chicken even without the fajitas. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  88. Ashley

    This is just fabulous….better than authentic Mexican recipes !!

    One question though….I like to prep dinner during my daughters naps and just wondering if I can prep the marinade ahead of time? I wasn’t sure about refrigerating the marinade only. I never refrigerate oil, but wasn’t sure if I need to refrigerate the marinade because of the lime & cilantro ?

    Thanks for making food worth eating !!!

    Hi Ashley, you mean do you need to refrigerate the marinade? Not if we are only talking a few hours. ~Elise

  89. Madu Jayasena

    It’s really tastfull not only eat but also preparing thank you for your marvollous idea.

  90. Mark L.

    Aria, if your issue is with bell peppers (I dislike them as well) you can sub with poblano chiles. That’s what I do for any recipe calling for bell peppers. Char them first to remove the skin.

    Great idea! You could also use anaheim chiles. ~Elise

  91. Jessi

    I made this tonight and it was a big hit! I only had a green bell pepper and half a yellow bell pepper so I sliced a few mushrooms and added those as well. YUM! This is a keeper recipe. My 2 year old loved it too! (I left out the jalapeno so it wasn’t spicy)

    I’ve never made fajitas before but we always order them when we go out for Mexican. Now we can have it at home! (and its so much healthier!!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  92. Maggie C.

    Omg! Just made this for tonight’s dinner and it was great. Served it on a bed of lettuce with pico de gallo to keep the calories low. Elise, your recipes are awesome! Keep em coming.

    So glad you liked them! ~Elise

  93. Damon Dickson

    What a great dinner this was for our picnic get together we had at our park in Boise

    Great flavor from the marinade

  94. lesterk

    I made these on Tuesday. Fantastic. I brought leftovers to lunch today, even better. The chicken is moist. The veggies are so flavorful. After we finished eating, while the pan was still hot, I had to cut up a whole extra onion to cook in the cast iron skillet, because the onions were so good. I was kind of afraid of using the skillet but it was easy and added an amazing amount of extra flavor.

  95. Katy Belle

    Made this tonight! Delicious! Wish we had leftovers…but the boys practically licked the serving plate!

  96. Iris C.

    Great recipe!
    One more dish for our next family gathering!

  97. Kate

    Aria, instead of peppers, give summer squash and/or large tomatoes a shot. You can still achieve a nice char on the squash, and the tomatoes introduce a nice bit of acidity, similar to the peppers you dislike.

  98. Lisa_S

    Throw away all of those containers of “fajita seasoning” because they all suck. THIS is the recipe you want for home made fajitas without the restaurant price! I can’t wait to do skirt steak and shrimps next time.

  99. godwinkr

    I sometimes do fajitas with all of the extra veggies I may have accumulated in the fridge–spiced zucchini & summer squash are some of my wonderful regulars with the onions (I’ll use big sweet onions when they are in season), and I bet one could also do sliced mushrooms, sweet potato, julienned carrots, broccoli, or really anything. Just adjust the timings for the different hardnesses of the veggies (or blanch beforehand).

  100. Tim

    The vinegar was a huge blunder! Thought it was strange to use it but I figured, what the heck…..something new. I would recommend leaving it off and go traditional fajitas

    There is no vinegar in the marinade for the chicken. I do recommend that you lightly dress the thinly sliced iceberg lettuce that may accompany fajitas with vinegar and salt. ~Elise

  101. David Ross

    The recipe looks excellent, and I plan to try it out. I only have one quibble, with the explanation of the term _fajitas_. As your article rightly notes, the term _fajitas_ refers to a specific cut of beef. The regrettable proliferation (in the US only) of names like “chicken fajitas” or even “shrimp fajitas” misrepresents this delicious Mexican food. It’s a little like referring to chicken or shrimp pork chops.

  102. Gayle

    I love fajitas too, I’m a vegetarian, so I use
    tofu chicken or beef strips and all the onions
    & peppers I want. I will try your marinade the
    next time.

  103. Hotly Spiced

    What a great recipe. I can see this would work really well as a family meal. Great flavours.

  104. FLPat

    I have a couple of those serving plates. They are made by Lodge Cast Iron and guess what? We use them to keep fajita meat and veg warm when we’re eating. So far that’s been their only use.

  105. Diana Hedin

    I just wanted to let you know that “faja”means girdle, corset or sash (wrapped around waist). (Small) strip refers to property or to a “large” belt.

    Yes, and this girdle is the flank cut of beef, based on its location on the steer, which is why the fajitas are so named. ~Elise

  106. Aria

    LOVE fajitas….despise peppers. This has always been an issue. Any suggestion as to some good veggies that could be included in place of the peppers?

    I would just skip them. I love the fajitas just with the onions. ~Elise

    • Betty Thomason

      I would try sliced zucchini if didn’t like the bell pepper.

    • Elle

      I don’t like peppers either. I use onions and fresh mushrooms to substitute.

    • Corinne

      This may sound weird but I would suggest fresh green beans! Yum!

    • KirbyR

      Chayote is an excellent substitute. Just peel and slice into 1/2″ x 1/2″ strips and grill like you would the peppers. I use both.

    • d

      have you tried bbq grilled peppers? they have a different flavor than the pan fried ones.

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