No ImageChicken Fajitas

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  1. Mark

    It was very good. I followed your proportions but probably tripled the marinade. Good idea cooking the chicken breasts whole. I used an instant read thermometer to determine when the chicken was done and took the chicken off the heat 5 degrees below cooked temp. I used a bag of those colorful baby peppers in lieu of bell peppers. Worked awesome.


  2. Linda Grimes

    Love this marinade! So much that I’m making these again for the 3rd time this month, and I never repeat recipes that often. And, it’s easy. FYI, I use chipotle chili powder which gives it a smoky flavor. Delicious:-)


  3. Ellie

    Made it, Loved it, Will be making it again and again.


  4. Yolanda

    OMG I made these & they were so delicious

  5. Zoe

    It’s a rare occasion when all three of my teens say thumbs up to a meal. This was one of those!

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