Chicken Mango Lettuce Wraps

Why the corn starch? It's a cooking trick that you often find in Chinese recipes. The corn starch helps the chicken hold in its moisture and keep it from drying out in the high heat of the stir frying.

Recipe slightly modified from Chicken Mango Lettuce Cups in Steamy Kitchen's Healthy Asian Favorites by Jaden Hair.

  • Prep time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4 as a main, 8 as an appetizer


  • 1 pound ground chicken (I use ground chicken thighs for more flavor)
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce (use gluten-free soy sauce if cooking gluten-free)
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch (or potato or rice starch)
  • 1 teaspoon cooking oil (peanut oil or canola)
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 4 ounces fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • 1 large mango, diced (see How to Cut a Mango)
  • 1 head of butter lettuce, rinsed, leaves separated


1 Place the ground chicken, soy sauce, and cornstarch in a large bowl. Mix to combine.

2 Sauté shiitake mushrooms and green onions: Heat a wok or a large sauté pan on medium heat.  Once the pan is hot, add the oil. Add the green onions and sliced shiitakes. Let cook for about a minute.

cook mushrooms in pan for lettuce wraps

3 Add chicken mixture: Increase the heat to high, and add the ground chicken, soy sauce, cornstarch mixture.  Use a wooden spoon to break up the ground chicken and spread around the pan.  Stir fry in this way for 5 to 7 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

add chicken to pan for lettuce wraps

4 Add seasonings and mango: Add the seasoned rice vinegar, sesame oil, and diced mango.  Remove from heat. Adjust seasonings (rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce) to taste.

make mango chicken filling for lettuce wraps

5 Scoop spoonfuls into the cups formed by the lettuce leaves to serve.

Options - stir in a small spoonful of chili sauce, or add a few chili pepper flakes to the oil as it is heating. Top with some fresh cilantro leaves. Experiment with other meats such as lamb, turkey, beef, or pork. Try subbing out the mango with mandarin orange slices.

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  • sherif

    perfect. yummmmmy.


  • Michelle

    These are amazing!! Great gluten free recipe, provided you use gluten free soy sauce. I subbed ground turkey for the chicken and mandarin oranges for the mango (too lazy to cube it, plus didn’t have any), and it was still so tasty and fresh and healthy. Got lots of compliments on this recipes, I owe my cooking reputation to you, Elise!


  • Colleen

    Made these wraps for dinner tonight! Really delicious and really simple to make. I did not have mushrooms so using the recommendation in the comments, I used snow peas that I did have. Did not miss the mushrooms at all, and I really like them! Also used romaine leaves since I had those on hand as well. Thanks for the recipe, hubby was happy too!

  • Patrick

    Finally made them! Well my lovely fiancé did. Had them with your carrot ginger soup, which we dolloped with nonfat greek yogurt. Both were so good! A lean and tasty protein packed transition between workouts and studying.


  • Nina

    We made this a week ago and enjoyed it, especially the mango part! We did tweak it a bit by adding some hoisin sauce.

  • Sherry in Union, KY

    I loved the combination of the chicken, mango, and sesame oil; it was delightful! I used ground chicken breast to cut back on the fat, and found that it had plenty of flavor. The filling makes for excellent leftovers. Thanks so much for the recipe!


  • Miri

    I love the look of this recipe but hate mushrooms. Any possible substitutes? Thanks.

  • Debbie

    I tried this last night, exactly as written. I did use chicken thigh meat. I felt it was too bland. I will make it again with a little chili oil or red pepper flakes.

  • Jody

    These look great! Such good pictures. Sprouts would make a great cancer-fighting, crunchy addition to the wraps.

  • Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    I love these and I’m trying to get rid of a little podge myself so these could be on my menu!

  • Sheelah

    Just made these tonight.. I added sesame seeds at the end along w/ the mango. So delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  • DK

    I think I will sub seitan for chicken or may be paneer cheese! I don’t see any mangoes anywhere…Did you use the frozen ones? Or is it the green mangoes (I think I see Kent at my stores, not sure)? Is being ripe crucial?…I would really love to try this with Mangoes…

    • Elise Bauer

      There were dozens of ripe fresh mangos at our local Whole Foods this week.

  • Grace Li

    Tapioca starch works well, too.

  • Nan

    I have dried sliced shiitake mushrooms. Can I reconstitute them and then use them or is it best to only use fresh?

  • Michelle Buenzli

    We’ve got a mango allergy in our family, anybody got any suggestions on a substitution? It sounds so yummy to me, but I can’t cook with it :(

  • mantha

    Wonderful! Not so much a recipe as a concept — the subbing possibilities are endless, and the dish can go from heartier to lighter as the seasons change. I was thinking sliced water chestnuts or Jerusalem artichoke marinated beforehand in the rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil, for anyone who doesn’t care for mushrooms.

  • Ann Hartley

    These look amazing! My husband really doesn’t care for mushrooms…could I leave them out? What could I substitute?

    • Cindy

      snow peas, diced carrots, toasted almonds …I don’t care for mushrooms either so I was thinking of some substitutes and these are what I came up with.

  • Bronwyn

    Ooooh, these look yummy & they’ll work in rather well with our meal plans just now. My husband & I are on a mission to reduce some of the wardrobe shrinkage that has occurred over the last few years!
    Just one question – is ground chicken the same as chicken mince? In NZ we don’t have ground beef either, just minced beef. I’ve always assumed them to be pretty much the same thing but now seems like a good time to check?

    • Lori @ In My Kitchen, In My Life

      Yes, mince and ground meat are the same thing.

      These do look delicious!

      • Bronwyn

        Fabulous, thanks. So could I ask you then, what’s the difference between ground beef & hamburger in the US? Or does it just depend which cook you listen to?
        Again, I’ve assumed that gold ol’ mince covers all bases over here!

        • Elise Bauer

          One makes hamburgers (beef patties) with ground beef. Which is why ground beef is also called hamburger meat.

          • Bronwyn

            Thank you. It’s always good to get assumptions confirmed. Especially since there are so many variables.
            As a kid, I could never figure out why Americans had biscuits with stew or gravy. Chocolate chip ‘biscuits’ or ginger nuts with gravy just didn’t seem to work somehow. It was many years before I discovered that we call them scones & what we call biscuits, you call cookies. Cooking is an adventure! Keep up the good work. Love the blog.