No ImageChicken Marbella

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  1. Tina

    I accidentally added the wine to the marinade…is it ruined?

  2. Traci

    Fabulous recipe! The combination of sweet prunes with savory capers and olives makes this burst with flavor! A family favorite and so quick and easy to prepare. I also add dried apricots.

    I use the leftovers for another tasty meal… De-bone chicken, chop all ingredients, mix together and spoon into the middle of prepared biscuit or popover dough and fold dough up around ingredients, pinching across top to seal it. Place each “popover” in a muffin pan and bake @ 350° for about 20 minutes.


  3. Christine !

    Loved this!! I made it a year ago, and stumbled upon a picture of my dish, and I thought “why haven’t I made this again?” – so I have it marinating in the fridge right now. The sweet/savory/acidic taste to this dish is wonderful. Do not hesitate to give this dish a try – even if you don’t like olives, or prunes, or capers etc. Most people sit down to a Caesar salad and don’t think anything about it, but would turn up their nose if offered an anchovy. It all just works!


  4. Rachel

    One of our biggest family favourites, we use chicken thighs and honey instead of sugar and it works just as well.

  5. annelie mcnamee

    faultless easy and tasty recipe.


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