No ImageBaked Chicken Marinara

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  1. Leon

    Wonderful Recipe.
    I didn’t have the issue of cooking my chicken too quickly or having it not cooked through enough but that could be because I butterflied my chicken breast to make them thinner and easier to cook. The meal was excellent the sauce was really well-made and I like the way the shallots kind of brought out some of the flavor. I did include a splash of red wine in my sauce you know to add my own little flavor to it. All in all was an excellent dish and I think it was well written as well.


  2. Vallan

    Quick question, I have Costco marinara sauce frozen in 2 cup containers (way too much in one jar haha!) how many cups of sauce should I use instead of making homemade marinara sauce? I happened to find a pack of 9 frozen bnls skls thighs in my freezer so would love to make this tonight! :)

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  3. Duane

    Definitely need to fry the chicken on med instead of medium-high. Probably for 3 min each side instead of 4 for that perfect golden brown… Could be my range runs a little hot.


  4. Lana

    Just did it this evening – it was great! I used “Mozzarella and Provolone rustic cut” — worked very well together. Didn’t use oven — covered pan with a lid for a few minutes and that was enough to melt the cheese. My preferred choice for dishes with chicken is chicken tenders that cook through fast and easy to portion. Breading worked for me well enough ( need to keep temperature lower than medium after a while ). I kept chicken mostly submerged in the sauce for 10-15 minutes.


  5. Joanie Ferrell

    Delicious!! Thank you!


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