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  1. Mark

    This sounded like a great family friendly meal. I feel that I followed the instructions exactly, but had the same problem as some other reviewers – the breading layer burned in the skillet well before the chicken was cooked.


  2. Michelle

    I made this recipe according to directions except I did pound the chicken breasts thinly, changed cooking time to 20 min. to bake the sauce even thicker and it turned out awesome!!! Going to be my tried and true.


  3. Mark K

    The timing for this recipe was terribly wrong for us – 10 minutes in the oven is NOT ENOUGH time unless you’ve really cut these pieces up into very small chunks. Had we done it next time, we would have definitely used flour (we tried to without flour, and the breading kept falling off), and we would have done the sauteeing step with very small pieces of chicken – then baked for 10-15 min. It ended up tasting good, but it took forever to cook the chicken properly (and by then, we had basically wasted the marinara sauce, breading, and cheese). Nonetheless, I’m sure we will crush it on our second time around.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mark, sounds like you needed to cook the chicken a bit longer on the stovetop before it went in the oven. If you are getting it good and brown on the stovetop on both sides, you just shouldn’t need much time in the oven.

  4. RainDrop

    Thank you for sharing this recipe, the chicken turned out delicious :)


  5. Wendy

    This Chicken Marinara Recipe is awesome thank you for sharing, I made it without the flour because I didn’t have any and it tasted fantastic. Thank you for your Moms recipe.I can’t wait to make it exactly as it’s suppose to be.

  6. Greentea

    This is a wonderful recipe. I tried it earlier this week. I didn’t have breadcrumbs so i toasted white sandwhich bread and cut it with a knife into tiny pieces. After pan frying the coated chicken thighs, I placed it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees, then placed the delicious tomato sauce mixture on top and stuck it in the oven. Its great for leftovers too, and the chicken is so soft! Thanks for the great recipe!

  7. AP

    I tried this last week for a surprise dinner for my wife and it was FANTASTIC!!

  8. Sara

    I made this last night as I needed to make a quick dinner. It was delicious, really tasty but I’m afraid it wasn’t very quick at all. All the prepping, sauce making and crumbing left me rather exhausted!

  9. Jenn

    Elise, this is such a wonderful recipe. I’ve made it twice now and each time we’re really loving it. Thank you!


  10. Amazon3d

    I had a rough idea on how to make this but really wanted a guide. I found this to be one of the simplest recipes I stumbled upon. I used Bertolli marinara sauce, bowties, and chicken breast and I must say it tasted fantastic. Click my username to see the finished result, I only made 1 serving.

  11. Shelby

    Elise, I made this dish a few weeks ago. It was outstanding with the sauce and cheese, but the chicken by itself, OMG amazing! We decided that the breaded chicken recipe was one of the best ways to prepare chicken EVER. So good on a bun. Now it’s a regular dish in our house. Thanks again. Love this website.


  12. Heather

    Chicken Marinara? This is actually a recipe for chicken parmesan, although normally the chicken is put in a baking dish with the marinara and mozzarella and baked, rather than microwaving. Incidentally, the oven baked version works best if you use cuts of meat that have been pounded very thin.

  13. betsy b

    I made this tonight, and I suggest to SKIP the flour. I tried it once and the crumbs and cheese mixture did not adhere well, so I dipped it only in the crumbs and cheese, and that worked fine. I also made mine in an eletric skillet, cooked it longer to be sure it was cooked through. I put a lid on it to help melt the cheese and skipped the microwave. All three of my kids liked this!!

  14. Matt

    I made this last night and used skinless boneless breasts (force of habit).
    I did everything as mentioned above and had no problem with the breadcrumb outer layer burning. I left the chicken breaded at room temp for about 15 mins before putting into the pan though and also covered the pan for the last few mins of cooking. Was excellent. This will be my new pasta sauce from now on also.


  15. lynn

    This dish was so good. I made it last night and it was perfect. Did everything it said and my family loved it!!!!


  16. Janelle

    I made this for dinner tonight, and we had the extra sauce over penne (only cooked 5 thighs instead of 9). Delicious! I didn’t have a problem at all with the crust cooking/burning before the chicken was done. I did put a lid on the chicken for the last couple minutes of cooking time to make sure they got cooked through. Another winner, thanks!


  17. Marie / Paris

    I made this recipe last night – we loved it.
    It’s absolutely delicious and easy to make.
    A great heartening winter recipe!
    Just one tip : Wene’s comment about the breadcrumbs and parmesan burning before the chicken cooks (I had the same concern) : so I dipped the raw chicken thighs in the flour, egg, parmesan and breadcrumb mixture and then baked them in the oven for about 40 minutes – I covered them for about 30 minutes so the breadcrumbs wouldn’t burn and then took off the cover to left them get golden for the last 10 minutes.
    Turned out a treat !!

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