No ImageHomemade Chicken Noodle Soup

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  1. Dee johnson

    I think I like my chicken soup better. But mine is a creamy version. I take 3 to 4 skinless breasts. Cook in crockpot high for 4hrs. Then I DEBONE the chicken, SHRED it return. To crock pot an use LS CHICKEN BROTH.. TWO. CANS OF CREAM OF CHICKEN, ONE CAN.CREAM OF MUSHROOM. I LIKE TO ADD 1/2 to 3/4 cup sweet onion, one tray small sliced mushrooms, diced fine celery. ( these 3 items optional). Put in crock stir till it’s well mixed season to your taste. Add egg noodles after 4hrs on low & cook 4 more hrs. My seasonings. I like garlic powder, red, BLK. Pepper, a little paprika reg or smoke. For color. My foster mother gave me this recipe.

  2. Rosa

    Stew the chicken WHOLE, on a low-med temp for about 1.5 hours. The meat will not be too dry.

    You can definitely put salt in when you stew the chicken. Idk why you wouldn’t. I put onion, celery, bay leaves, carrots, garlic and good quality bouillon (knorr is pretty decent actually).

    If you’re using pieces of chicken instead of as whole chicken, or putting the temp too high, yes the chicken will be dry, but I promise…lower the temp and use a whole chicken it will be perfect.


  3. Gera

    This soup is wonderful!
    Just one thought: if you are making the soup because outside is cold and chilly and/or because someone in your home loves chicken noodle soup then by all means do throw away the skin in the first phase, but if you are making it because you or someone you care for has a cold then do NOT take of the skin and keep it until you discard the solids! The skin’s fat is what holds all the good nutrients that help cure colds and flu!
    I also suggest adding a dash of lemon juice and a splash of Tabasco when serving it! It makes it over the top delicious!


  4. Sarah

    Elise, I have some chicken stock that I froze last spring. How much do I need for the soup?

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  5. Jessica

    I love them! So delicious. Thanks, SimplyRecipies! Much love!


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