No ImageChicken Normandy

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  1. Lynn

    I love this dish. I do, however, use Pink Lady apples. They’re both sweet and tart and hold their structure when cooked (no mushy apples for me lol).

  2. Emily

    This is comforting and amazing. My guests argued over apple bits. I used what I had, which was half/half bourbon and cognac which I burned off (be careful if you do that, it’s a long burn) and a bottle of angry orchard easy apple cider in lieu of fresh. Added a bunch of fresh thyme. Served with homemade buns. Keeper!!


  3. Mardi

    I have made it several times and love it!! My comment is that the recipe depends gretly in the quality of the cider (unfiltered) and the choice of apples,, Ilike the new type Opal apple. Wonderful dish


  4. Candi

    I’ve made this a few times and love it! What would be the quantity of pork? Would you make a single loin piece or loin chops?


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  5. Linda Abbott

    I’m making this tonight and can already taste it! I just wanted to thank you for the ice cube on the handle trick. I have a silicone cover made for the handle to put on when it comes out of the oven and I STILL burn myself. Just the ice cube trick alone made reading this worthwhile. I thank you and my hands thank you.


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