No ImageChicken Pasta with Thyme-Mint Cream Sauce

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  1. Cathy

    This is a great tasting meal. I am not a big pasta fan but have made this a number of times.


  2. Keisha

    One of my faves to make.


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  3. Jesica

    I just made this last night, and it was very good. The sauce was my favorite part, it does make a lot of food so we have a good bit of left overs.

  4. Andrea

    Let me just say that I love this recipe. It is delicious and fairly quick to make. I’ve made it three times now. I’ve used water once instead of chicken stock (I didn’t have any) and it wasn’t too terrible, although the chicken stock certainly gives it more flavour. (I upped the amount of wine and used less water)

    The one issue that I had with this recipe was that it’s very thin. Maybe I am used to thicker recipes (I do love Alfredo!), so I made a slurry (I used 1/4 cup of ice cold water & 1/4 cup of flour) which solved the problem!

    Delicious! Thanks!


  5. Shelah

    My boyfriend and I made this last night for our anniversary meal, and it was simply delicious. This was the first time using mint and I was skeptical about using it, but I was pleasantly surprised at the subtle flavor it added in the end. I could also really taste the thyme (maybe a bit too much, but that’s probably my fault since I wasn’t careful about measuring this), a hint of lemon, and a finish of honey. This was definitely a pasta I could savor and make again and again.
    Thank you so much for this recipe!

    As for slight changes, I did use the apple cider vinegar since I couldn’t locate the sherry vinegar, and it worked quite well.
    I didn’t use the full pound of fettuccine since I added little by little and noticed that it probably wouldn’t all get an adequate coating of the sauce.
    Dry vermouth works very well as the dry white wine.


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