No ImageChicken with Creamy Cassis Sauce

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  1. sophie

    reporting back . . . I thought the cassis and mustard together was delicious! I used 1/4 cup of each and it was really good!


  2. sophie

    What do you think about using both dijon mustard AND creme de cassis for the sauce? I think it would go well together, but want to check before I ruin the chicken!

    That’s one that you’ll just have to try to find out. ~Elise

  3. Emilia

    I was a bit surprised to read that you should continue boiling once you add the heavy cream. I always thought heavy cream shouldn’t be boiled, otherwise it turns into water. Am I wrong?

    No problem boiling cream. ~Elise

  4. Noel

    This is wonderful, quick to make and very tasty. We usually start off with a Kir or even a Kir Royal if we feel like celebrating something. I normally serve this with french fries and sweetcorn.

  5. katie

    Sounds delicious…and I happen to have a bottle in the cabinet. I use mustard lots, this will be a nice change.

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