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  1. EL

    Excellent technical description and easy to modify for own taste. We added fried potatoes with onions, peppers and chorizo on top of the tortillas and topped with fried eggs, shredded cheese, homemade guacamole, sour cream diced tomatoes.


  2. Billy S.

    Breakfast or Lunch or even Dinner if it’s made right awesome meal


  3. jeanne

    Add eggs and make migas.. much better

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  4. Frances

    This turned out AMAZING!! I had leftover corn tortillas that I definitely did not want to goto waste. So I made chilaquiles this morning and am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I threw in a bit of carne asada, shredded cheddar (didn’t have Mexican cheese), and sprinkled some diced onions and cilantro on it with 2 fried eggs and salsa verde. Oh my goodness. This was to die for. Will be making it again for sure. Thanks for a great recipe!


  5. Kim Rader

    Recipe is not Tex Mex style! We make ours different!

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