No ImageChiles en Nogada (Chilies in Walnut Sauce)

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  1. Vanessa

    A wonderful dish. I used some of your techniques to make my own version of this dish for my own food blog, and it came out delicious! I particularly liked the suggestion to leave the stem part of the chile, as it made the presentation so much nicer. I used Cotija cheese and blue cheese mixed with ground beef spiced with cinnamon as the stuffing, and the combination of the creamy walnut sauce and the pomegranates was magical. Thanks for the great recipe, as always!

  2. Elaine Wilson

    My absolute favourite Mexican dish. First tried it in a restaurant at the base of the mountain temple in Tepoztlan. Has anyone ever tried using fresh chestnuts instead of walnuts? Is this totally blasphemous or does anyone think it will work?

  3. David Ehrlich

    I think if you will pick the walnuts a few days before they are fully ripe, they will peel easily. I have done that here in California. the meat is white and has a lovely cartilagenous texture; the flexibility of the young nuts allows the skin to come off easily. I use these peeled nuts also in making the famous Italian walnut sauce for pumpkin ravioli.

  4. beatriz

    Hi amigos:
    I love them! so good, one the best delicatessen we have in mexican gastronomy ..a tip, to remove the skin from walnuts, you have to put them in very hot water for 3 min, try to smash them with your fingerprints, moving your fingers, and voila! the skin is believed to be soured, that is why you have to remove it; the chiles with the stuffing can be cold, or at room temp, but the walnut sauce has to be hot, definitive! and its got to be pork, or at least meat, or half & half, never chicken. greetings

  5. MS

    A Mexican friend of mine suggests using blanched almonds instead of the walnuts because of the peeling problem. She said it isn’t perfectly authentic, but is a lovely dish in its own right. I haven’t tried it, but she is a GREAT cook. Everything she ever made for us has been fantastic, so I’m guessing this would work.

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