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  1. Michelle-Paulette

    Be sure to add a sprinkle of celery salt on top.. its a RI thing, trust me. Its good

  2. Brook

    I just came upon this web site yesterday and it’s delightful! IKNOW I’ll be browsing it often!

    My son and I operate a hot dog vending business at a local Army base here in Washington state. Our CHILI-CHEESE DOG is our best seller by far …it’s about 75% of our sales. Your hot dog looks similar to ours except for one final ingredient. WE TOP OUR CHILI-CHEESE HOT DOGS WITH CRUSHED CORN CHIPS to add the proverbial cherry on the cake which take it ‘over the top’.

    Have you ever had a SEATTLE DOG? They all come with a fair amount of cream cheese but with variations. (When you make the hot dog, don’t put cream cheese on the bun but put a fair amount on top the dog itself.) Know that they’re always better if the dog and the bun are grilled a bit. We have:

    SEATTLE DOG – Cream cheese, dill pickle spear, diced green onions.

    MODIFIED SEATTLE DOG – Cream cheese, salsa, banana or jalapeno papper slices

    It’s very common to have cream cheese and sauteed onion slices and we’ll be doing that soon ourselves. (Note: Nothing else is added to the Seattle Dogs and certainly not ketchup or mustard.)

    Thanks again for a recipe site that’ll bring me hours and hours of pleasure for a long time to come! BROOK

  3. RD

    My family (especially my son) and I have always been chili dog fans. We always used canned chili, no beans. Then a few months ago I tried a recipe for Coney Island hot dog sauce and was hooked. BTW, Coney Island style hot dogs were invented around Detroit, Michigan – go figure. The sauce had a sweet component to it like this recipe. When I saw the picture with this recipe I knew I had to have it.

    I made the chili the Friday before Father’s Day as this was to be my Father’s Day dinner. We had Nathan’s Bigger-than-the-Bun all beef hot dogs, generic regular sized buns, and potato salad from Trader Joe’s. Cooked the dogs over lump charcoal on my Big Green Egg. Had mustard, finely chopped red onion, and shredded cheddar cheese on the side. One of the best Father’s Day dinners I’ve ever had!


  4. Jesse

    The picture looks great. I’ll have to try it. Was wondering, I’m assuming you are NOT draining the grease from the beef. Added flavor right? =)

    We are not draining the bacon fat, but you could if you wanted. As for fat from the ground beef, the only ground beef I can find these days is either lean 16% or extra lean 9%. We avoid extra lean because it’s just too dry and flavorless. And with 16% there’s just not enough fat to drain. ~Elise

  5. Leah Lenz

    Made this yesterday for our BBQ…simply excellent! I’m known for my regular chili recipe (the kind you eat with a hunk of cornbread). It’s a little spicier and has beans in it, so I thought your recipe would be a little more appropriate for chili dogs. I sure played that one right. Everyone loved it! I’ll be posting about it soon (with accompanying wine suggestions). Yes, some chili dog recipes (like this one) deserve a good wine! Thanks!


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