No ImageChimichurri

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  1. Dara

    Very tasty, not too sharply acidic like some other recipes. I got confused with another recipe and added a small onion before I realised it wasn’t in the recipe, but still tastes awesome!


  2. Brenda

    I tried this tonight at a restaurant and was blown away by the flavour. It was served with grilled pork.

  3. Lindy

    Must be the flat leaf and not curly parsley? What’s the difference?

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  4. Kyle

    It’s a good recipe but I’m a bit confused by the comparison to pesto. They’re both green sauces and they both contain oil…otherwise they’re completely different.

    Not criticising! Just curious.


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  5. Deborah

    I loved this on chicken Breast. I cut back on the oil to save calories. I toasted pepitas and topped it. Amazing. Thanks!!


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