No ImageChimichurri

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  1. C

    We loved it!


  2. MEJ

    Delicious. Easy to make and is a wonderful marinade for grilled chicken, beef and fish.


  3. [email protected]

    Made this just as the recipe said and it was fabulous with our beef filet.


  4. kayo

    awesome recipe. ive adjusted slightly over the year…

    – add about 1/3 cup loose cilantro…

    – add and hand mix olive oil at very end, after processing rest of ingredients…


  5. Poppy

    This is the simplest, most amazing thing ever.

    I bought a cast iron grill pan with raised ridges. Brilliant! Perfectly cooked Trader Joe’s ribeye. Which got me thinking of how to dress up a steak. Which get me to this page.

    I don’t see why anyone would cook a steak without whipping up a batch of this stuff.

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